Opinion: Why people hate Coldplay

Why people hate Coldplay

What is the near-obsession this musical generation has with either loving or (mostly) hating Coldplay?  It’s not because Coldplay sucks because honestly, they don’t.  It’s not because their albums are some of the worst of all time, because they aren’t (do they really stack up against some of the worst albums of all time from other uber-popular pop groups?  No way).

And it’s not because they’re assholes.  They come across as some of the best soccer dads you could ever want for your daughter.   So why are they the most polarizing band of the last two decades?


Getting old sucks

In 2000 Coldplay became THE band of the new millennium and ultimately, now nearly two decades later, their light is beginning to fade.

The Coldplay marketing engine hype their new releases more than the fans do.  That’s an inevitable twist of fate that didn’t exist in, say 2005 when Coldplay could release an album of bedroom snores and have it go quad-platinum.   They’ve outgrown both their commercial and new fan peak.  As with most bands that merge into their late 30’s (Chris Martin is now 40) they lose that connectivity with the younger demographic range that drives pop culture through the universe.   Forty year-old men and women do not drive pop culture; they mostly observe it.  It’s the younger generation that feeds it and we either jump on board with them or else we give them the “get off our lawn” look.

Artistically great? – almost, but not quite

Coldplay is the Lebron James or Alex Rodriguez of pop music.   They want everyone to like them which makes 88% of the public naturally do the opposite; and they suffer from it.  

Their problems actually begin though, artistically.  They have never released the epic album that sets them apart.   There is no Dark Side of the Moon in their catalog.  There is no Achtung Baby, no Nevermind, no Sgt. Pepper, no OK Computer, no Sign O The Times, no Definitely Maybe.   To be honest they can’t match the best four albums of R.E.M.’s catalog from the 1980’s/early 1990’s.

Pick your favorite (or what you consider the best) Coldplay album.  Let’s go with A Rush of Blood To The Head for argument’s sake.   Does that album match up to any of the albums listed above?   We all look back at things more fondly as we get older and reflect.  I’m sure years from now when A Rush of Blood is reissued chock full of outtakes it will receive that 5-star rating by the magazines that gave it three starts originally.   But while A Rush of Blood sold millions it did not breakthrough any new barriers – none of the Coldplay releases have.

A Rush of Blood did not create a new music renaissance like Nevermind did, or even what The White Stripes accomplished.  The album did not take Coldplay in a bold new direction like Achtung Baby did for U2 and OK Computer did for Radiohead.   A Rush of Blood is a charming, melodic, truly outstanding pop record.  And that’s all it is.   We enjoy it.   But it doesn’t move mountains or break through walls.  You simply don’t see Thom Yorke bringing Rihanna into the Radiohead studio, and there’s a good reason why; because Yorke doesn’t need to.  I sense Chris Martin feels he has to, and that’s where things begin to go askew.

The one-man show blues

What I give Coldplay the most credit for is a self-acknowledgment of their place in pop history.  They admit they like to record sing-a-long tunes.  Martin has admitted he’ll never be known for his lyrics, just his melodies.  They freely admit they aren’t as good as Radiohead.   Amen, and thank you.   By admitting that they’ve tried to diffuse the tribe of haters at their front door who believe that most of the general record-buying public equates record sales with a reflection of the quality of their art.    Where Coldplay goes wrong is with their predictability.   They release an album every 3 years.  Each album has an entirely different set of colors on the cover to make you think something new has arrived but it hasn’t.  And it won’t.  They simply aren’t talented enough collectively.  Chris Martin is simply not quite in the same league as Bono, or Thom Yorke, or Cobain and most importantly there is no one else within Coldplay to provide that dynamic (often conflicting) musical tug-of-war that so many groups benefit from.   Some of the greatest Beatles songs were recorded when McCartney and Lennon hated each other – but who cares they hated each other.  Because of that hair-pulling relationship the Beatles made great music together that was superior than what their solo careers produced.   I sense that Chris Martin sorely lacks that in Coldplay.  One-man shows rarely succeed at the highest level unless your name is Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix or Jack White.  Martin needs someone in the band to step up and tell him to quit sounding like his best friend just died on every 3rd song.  He needs someone to step up and write great songs that sound nothing like his own.

Somebody send a dozen cookies please

Chris Martin writes excellent pop songs.   I buy their new releases eagerly.  However I listen more out of curiosity at their attempts to change direction artistically than I do in a belief that they’ve finally released their White Album.   I can absorb the disproportionate amount of popularity they’ve received.  I can absorb the innocuous presence of their music which by now everyone knows has been famously labeled by New York Times critic Jon Pareles as “the most insufferable band of the decade”.

And Mr. Pareles is right.  You listen to the big chunk of Coldplay’s catalog and you feel compelled to bake a dozen cookies and walk them over to their front door in hopes it will cheer these lads up.   Insufferability and innocuous tunes do not motivate a generation of music followers to greater heights; they just sell records and fill arenas.

In the long run Coldplay will be looked upon as slightly underrated by critics.  Coldplay’s legion of fans placed them on a pedestal that the quality of their music couldn’t quite live up to.   Instead of being indie pop icons like they could have been, they were able to cash in and inadvertently become a musical dartboard for millions during the last two decades.  Sad, but true.

P.S.  And yes, I’ll be anxiously buying their next album – in about 3 years I assume  🙂



149 thoughts on “Opinion: Why people hate Coldplay

  1. someone

    Who cares if their music sounds the same? It’s the feelings that count when listening to music. And contrary to what most people think, I find Coldplay music very inspiring and uplifting. It all depends on how you listen to the song. People listen to the surface of Coldplay songs and then they’re all like “that was so stupid and depressing why can’t they do anything else?” Sometimes the most encouraging songs are the ones that let you recognize the hurt your feeling, but then they make you want to get out of the situation. And to the people who think that Chris Martin’s voice is annoying, shut up. Chris knows he’s not super talented, and he doesn’t try to claim he is. But part of the wonder of Coldplay is that a guy with a decent but not outstanding voice can sing such beautiful songs. And Chris isn’t running a one man show. True Coldplay fans have recognized that there are many non-vocalized songs on their albums, and even back-up lyrics by Guy, Jonny, and Will. Chris even said in an interview that he LIKED stepping back and letting there be more guitar-solos and drum fills because it made leveled out the band instead of placing one of the members on a pedestal. And Chris said that he didn’t care if people liked the band. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and Coldplay wasn’t searching to win everyone over. I don’t get why people have to rip everything apart. I think it’s because they’re jealous they have nothing that they can connect to and inspire them.

      1. biff

        If Chris Martin went on American Idol, Simon would say “Ahhh…… that’s a NO for me.” Probably the worst singer I have ever heard, off tune and very hard to listen too because its horrible.

        1. Colin O'Hear

          It isn’t horrible though, so can you shut the fuck up please? Also, American Idol is borderline irrelevant nowadays, because it’s almost been cancelled and Chris Martin is way better than that shitshow.

          1. tired fan

            yea and coldplay sucks because they wont even tour in the countries that pay their way, how about that? what band doesn’t tour to the countries that pay their way?? enough said

          2. Jo Blow

            Man you really dont know music go by a bunch of 1920 album and jerk off listening to them thats what you are

        2. Marsha

          Produced heavily, Chris Martin sounds amazing (as many of us could, with the right technology). Solo acoustic, I almost cried. What? Wow. No.

          1. sean

            Listen to their live performances. He’s dancing around on stage and jumping and he still hits the notes

      1. ABC

        UK singers are waaaaaaaay better than that Justin Bieber. You have no taste in music. Okay, one direction got a bit old but the rest shall live on

        For always

        1. Mr Guy

          They’re all dreadful. They may be popular now but in 40,50 years people will look back and realise how shit they are. We used to produce such talent in this country (Beatles, Stones, Kinks, The Who, Led Zep, Queen, Pink Floyd etc) our music scene is appalling nowadays.

    1. kirt

      not jealous at all. not jealous of fame or success. coldplay has no balls. wispy, whiny, useless drivel. they are a ROCK band? They could be the house band for Sesame Street. every song they do makes you dream of the time in the past when music had power, teeth, something…..coldplay is music you can enjoy with your grandmother. it’s catchy, poppy, smiling, pleasant sunshine! except when it is time to be sad like a song for your newly dead guppy. each song is like a hallmark card. each album like a litter of puppies. flowers for your mum? apples for teacher? are they even men? they are asexual androids that walk straight into the wall between bathroom signs.

  2. Quentin Driver

    I would agree with the last reviewer in saying that Coldplay “wasn’t searching to win everyone over.” When Coldplay first caught worldwide attention in the early 2000s, everyone seemed to labeling them the next U2, or Radiohead, etc. What people didn’t realize was that they weren’t. Even Coldplay knew it. They were, as was mentioned above, mainly a one-man show, and even their so-called one-man show (Martin) really wasn’t any Kurt Cobain or Thom Yorke.
    In the end, I think what I most appreciate most about Coldplay (and I believe one day most critics will feel similarly) is the fact that, despite not being as talented or creative as the Radioheads, U2s, and Nirvanas, they managed to show what a band with such limited musical potential can do with music. Not every great band has to change the face of rock, like some people think.

  3. Savannah Wilcox

    Coldplay is the best band in the world. No other band in the future and in the past has and will EVER met up to their standards. I feel so sorry for all you people that really believe this bullshit. I hope someday you will open up your eyes (and ears) and realize what you were missing in life.

    Coldplay isn’t trying to match up to your terrible standards (or anyone else’s) they are simple just 4 friends making music THE WAY THEY WANT (coldplay isn’t trying to please your stubborn ass.) You obviously don’t know anything about them if you think they are “trying” to be good.

    Every single world written in the article you wrote is complete bullshit and you my friend have wasted your time.

    go fuck yourself 🙂

      1. Dfglntr

        Poor Savannah, you need a hug from Chris Martin. Your overt hostility saddens me. Go home and listen to your Cold Plate albums. Please.

    1. Jon

      Oh, Savannah. There’s a world of music out there, a lot of it much, much better than Coldplay. Even in the world of pop music, there’s so much out there that’s so much better.

      That said, there’s a lot to the four-friends-playing-music-their-way thing. I do respect that, and I love that you vibe with that. I’m sure the band does, too.

      But man, oh, man, if you think Coldplay is the be-all end-all of music, you have so much discovering to do. I hope you enjoy it!

      1. MustasLinked

        You can’t really label which band is the best, to some people they are the best, to others they are the worst. It’s all just opinion. So you guys should stop looking at it with such opinionated views, and from what they are actually trying to do. That’s what holds the true beauty of their music.

        1. W

          Why is it that whenever we try to have a debate, there is ALWAYS an annoying idiot who comes in just to say “Waaah opinions opinions waaaah”. Mustas, get lost, you dont contribute anything, nobody likes you.

    2. Stuart Guerreiro

      Get your facts straight! U2 alone as had more hit singles, sold more albums, had the highest grossing tour in history and won more Grammy awards than any other musical act in history. And Coldplay is better? You need to let me know what you’re smoking because I would love to have some!

    3. Bitch ass

      Honey. They wouldn’t be touring, and recording and selling their music if they didn’t want people to like it. Every publicly performing musician is trying to please people with the sound they make, so don’t pretend that they are just “friends having fun” because Coldplay is a brand their producers are selling, and they are all making a career out of their music. So people are going to judge them as harshly as they like. I recommend you expand your tastes in music and experiment with different genres, because I can guarantee most other genres and styles have a band or artist that is making content at a much more original and higher quality than Coldplay.

    4. JoBlow

      Anyone who like coldplay doesn`t know music. Why a lot of people go to golf to see Tiger Woods. Because he is the best but it`s not the case for coldplay.

      By the way sit on your finger and trun around

    5. Frank sidebottom

      You must be joking. Dismal, depressing crap. Even worse now Gweneth has left him, all his songs are how he wants her back. She’s gone, move on.

    6. JoBlow

      Please consult a psychiatrist right now its urgent.
      Beatles Led Zeppelin The Hollies Supertramp and I can name hundreds band better than Coldass

    7. SpyralRool

      Coldplay isn’t a bad band, and saying they are the best is really close minded next to other British Rick artist. Coldplay might be good but not as good as queen, imagine dragons, OneRepublic, patd, and other bands back then and now.

    8. Jolow

      Savannah please get yourself educated in music take a course in music writing and learn an instrument if Colgay is your favorite band you know nothing in music and need pills.

    9. GY!BE

      It’s been six years, do you still feel the same? I hope you’ve discovered some new music since then.
      Godspeed You! Black Emperor
      Pixies (not Bossanova)
      Sonic Youth (EVOL, Sister, Daydream Nation, Washing Machine)
      Velvet Underground
      My Bloody Valentine
      Nina Simone
      Joni Mitchell
      Jimi Hendrix
      PJ Harvey (Dry, Rid of Me, To Bring You My Love)
      Throwing Muses
      Flaming Lips

      Even The Flying Luttenbachers are better than Coldplay.

  4. chillax

    Oh I disagree to everyone’s opinion, Coldplay still rocks especially in PH.I Hope the band will have a concert tour here sometime.I really love the beat of their new albums..

      1. Jack

        The thing that seperates you from coldplay is obvious . They spread love and compassion through charity work and good deeds. I dont see any reason to e angry at them they are saving lives and doing it their way so id keep your hateful comments to yourself thank you very much

    1. Chris

      We have our own opinion, and mine is coldplay produce music that help me in my everyday life. And I’m also from the P.H.. Enjoy Kaleidoscope!

  5. Vickie

    I’ve never been a fan of Coldplay. Never will be. Their music is drawn out and boring to me. Just watched their latest video on vh1 countdown. Who the hell puts roses on a guitar and carries multiple instruments around?? Sorry Coldplay. Ya don’t impress me.

          1. Bob

            Taylor Swift is actually really really really good live go watch at least one song live and don’t search up ” a Worst song Taylor Swift played live.” And I’m sure both Taylor Swift and Coldplay use autotune, they can’t just nail those vocals on the first try dude, also a huge Coldplay fan, not a hater just saying that the statement you said is invalid, I’m also trying to sound smart too but what I said IS true so…

    1. ABC

      For that you need to understand the concept of music. Coldplay has is some of the most beautifully written songs in this world. And btw, as if you never saw lady gaga’s Closet.

  6. Eric Wolf

    I’m tortured with Sirius radio all day at work. I kept on hearing this really irritating song about 50 times a day. It was really sucky and full of stupid lyrics and yodelling. I finally found out that it was Cold Play. OMG they suck. I would rather listen to Nickelback 20 hours a day for the rest of my life than have to listen to 8 hours of Cold Play.

  7. Wilson

    I don’t fully aree with this article but then again I’m a huge Coldplay fan! I do very much like Radiohead and U2 is probably my 2nd favorite band ever! But even I know that Radiohead has made at least one AWFUL album(Poblo Honey) and U2 has had some tossers. Coldplay haven’t had a bad album yet and they probably never will! AROBTTH is a masterpiece, the melodies in that album are at full throttle with songs like “The Scientist” “Clocks” and “In My Place”! Chris Martin is a genius and I think he is more talented than Bono and Thom both lyrically and musically(including range). I love Bono but I don’t see him writing a song like “The Scientist” or “Fix You”! Same with Thom. I think Coldplay is the best of the best, best chemistry, best melodies and oh best frontman ever!

    1. Freya Grust

      This is the funniest thing I’ve ever read. There is no such thing as bad Radiohead album; Pablo Honey is their worst, but it’s by no means “AWFUL” as you put it. Both Thom and Bono are better musically and, have you heard Paranoid Android? Coldplay is basically Radiohead but instead of progressing to OK Computer, they’re stuck at The Bends, and Chris even admitted that he tries to sound like Thom and that he’d “give his left ball to write anything as good as OK Computer” so think again before you make assumptions. Will any Coldplay album be remembered 20 years after their creation? Because I know OK Computer and Kid A will…

      1. MustasLinked

        Thanks for the not needed hostility. But you should realize that Coldplay has already made their “Not as good, but still not bad” album at this point. (Ghost Stories) That’s a LOT for me to say, because I literally love this band. However I wouldn’t say they are the best in anything, nor the worst, because that would be an opinionated argument. I’d prefer to stay in the factual range here. Chris has said so many times that they never planned to be as big as Radiohead and the like. They just wanted to make their music. Of course he would like to be as big as them, almost anybody who isn’t antisocial would. But he doesn’t ever self proclaim to be that big, or say that he should be. He only says the opposite. And that’s why these guys are so amazing. They care more about the meaning in their music, and having their few fans feel it in the heart, than releasing big songs with little feeling.

      2. Rosamarie

        Well, it’s already 19 years since Parachutes was released and I still hear Yellow on the radio at least once a month. Just need one more year to prove your words, mate

  8. Charlie

    I suppose it depends what you look for in music. Coldplay breaks no barriers and is bland. As an instrumental musician I listen to the groove and instrumental harmony more than lyrics so this is probably why I find them so boring. I wouldn’t find them annoying if they weren’t so hyped up and didn’t give my such an impression of having big egos. My life will be better when they aren’t so inescapable.

  9. CrouchingWeasel

    I hate Coldplay because they suck, really really suck They are THE most boring band I’ve ever had the misfortune to be subjected to. If one could liquefy 100% pure boredom & then drown to death in it, that is what it feels like to listen to Coldplay.

    1. Iarisa

      This is to all u people out there who hate coldplay– eagerly do take note:
      Coldplay are an ordinary band, its wat they do that makes them extraordinary. Freakin’ open up ur ears n u will know wat they really r. They hav an incredible aspiration– most bands don’t even hav that. Their music are inspirational, gentle, soft. They r the most decent band. They just don’t get out and do stunts that people don’t respect them for. Coldplay isn’t trying to proof anything to anyone, jst don’t accuse them of something they r not. Just don’t judge one of the greatest bands in the world as if u can make better music. If u can, I would love to hear it. They have won the most respected awards in the world among the most respected bands, have u?

  10. TomJones

    First of all.I’m a fan of Coldplay. I don’t know why, but i like the sort of music they make. I’m not that critical about my music, I don’t care if the songs i hear don’t get the awards or if other people just don’t like them. I like it ,and that’s it. Now coldplay is a great band,not as in they changed the face of rock music or created ground braking songs in all their albums. But great as in they made music a lot of people like including me. A lot of people think that their music sucks,well to them i say this,THEN DON’T FUCKING LISTEN TO IT AND DON’T GO BLABBERING ON ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU FUCKING HATE THEM.People can express their feelings but come on! the haters are pissin’ on them without the courtesy of calling it rain. I read the comments and i’m glad the fans stand up for Coldplay. I also read the article and i do agree with some of it. Coldplay are getting old,it does feel like a one man show. But i also say , so fucking what! No one said you have to dislike or hate music that’s written by old guys or because one guy contributed to most of it. I also read about the joke about the cookies and did not find it funny.Chris Martin sings like he’s about to cry i’ll give you that ,but that’s part of their music. They write sad -shit ,not exactly but their songs do have sadness and loss and other shit ,and i like it. Goddamnit their fans like it! I really don’t get why people hate them. I mean god knows i get not liking a band. I probably hate bands the Coldplay haters build shrines to in their basements. But I don’t go out of my way to talk shit about them. That’s what i personally hate, this growing negativity in people torwards something they don’t like. Lastly i’ll say this , I like Coldplay,their music. It moves me and also a shit-load of other people. Haters fucking deal with it!! 🙂 [ To the writer of the article: I’ve been very political about what i wrote so far in my comment, I’ve not made any crazy statements. I’ve agreed with some of what you said. But now my inner fan is screaming to say something, you said ,A rush of blood wasn’t that good.you compared it to albums like Archtung baby of U2 and OK computer of Radiohead.Well ….. Fuck it.fuck U2 ,fuck Radiohead.and screw you. A rush of blood is the greatest album ever made….. AND Viva la vida is the greatest song ever written]

    1. Chris Martin

      Hi, It’s Chris Martin here, the lead singer of Coldplay. Wot a load of bollocks you have written above. We know we are the Shittest ban in the world & Viva la vida is a load of bullshit.

    2. Bob

      Ok that was awesome but than when I was starting to think you were awesome I read the note to the writer, you literally just talked trash about his bands and you say thats bad, but good argument above that note, I am also a huge coldplay fan

  11. gyrone

    Pointless vitriolic article.

    I’ve listened to 2 Radiohead albums – OK Computer and Kid A. They were mind-blowing and Kid A especially just takes me to another place.

    With Coldplay I keep coming back to their songs because they write songs about everything. They write songs about loss, kings, murder, sea waves, life, death, daylight and so much more. Every single song has a theme or feeling to it – and they have written a LOT of songs.

  12. Kristina

    I seriously for the life of me can’t understand how people can say Coldplay is boring. I guess these people associate -every- slow song with boring. I am a techno/electronica junky, I freaking LOVE upbeat-makes-me-dance kind of music and will admit I’m not a fan of -most- slow songs that are played on the radio. However, something about Coldplay’s music is just absolutely beautiful, uplifting and I find myself getting emotional listening to them (depending on the song). I think it’s pretty sad those of you that say they are boring don’t get the same feeling I do when I listen to them because they literally give me chills when I listen to them. I’m sure I could listen to their albums day in and day out and never get tired of them.

    1. Nathan James Jude Harvey

      The problem is that there is enough bands that this could be said about. Let’s take the example of Metallica. I could listen to each album through day in day out easily. Each album for me brings out different emotions for me. Whether it’s Load and ReLoad making me feeling good or Ride The Lightning making me want to mosh till all hell breaks loose, they all make me feel good. But, the problem I have with your comment, is that you seem to not realise that there are clear flaws with the albums.

      There are flaws to every album, even your precious Coldplay. You may not see them, but I sure as hell can. The flaws I will gladly admit with My favourite album , Ride The Lightning contains many flaws. For example, the song “Escape” was rushed in production and radio friendly, which feels like it gives the impression of it being kid friendly, so it doesn’t suite the album. Also, the song Call Of Ktulu is boring live, and in my opinion the worst of the Metallica instrumentals.

      To summarise, if you’re going to praise an album, please give the negatives as well as all the praise

  13. seper

    hey, i’m a big coldplay fan, and I’ve got to say, this article was really awesome. right now that I’m writing this, it’s been an hour that I’m searching the web to know people’s opinion about coldplay. Most of the things i read, were irrational ideas that coldplay haters had, or fans that referred to those haters as stupid, simply because they didn’t agree that coldplay is the best band ever. 🙁
    but this article, was quite different. I’m glad that there are some people out there who can really analyze music, and think about it in an artistic way. it’s kinda hard to find people who don’t just rant about the musicians they like/hate.

    1. Jack Meoff

      Get a life, Coldplay are shite & always will be. Just like Adele & Justin Bieber. All terrible depressing shit singers.i suppose you think the sun shines out of their arses too. END OF.

  14. Ab

    haters gonna hate hate hate
    Yeah , the pop song! This article is written by a 17 yo kid who loves watching JB,Taylor,Katy and all the other pop stuffs.
    Coldplay is by far the best band of the century. Chris doesn’t have the vest voice but he admits it and he doesn’t try to become one. They live in their own way and they aren’t a one man band. If u call them a one man band, then i’ll call all the other bands, one man band. Having a famous lead singer doesn’t mean that it is a one man band, chris martin wasn’t chris martin before joining coldplay. He is just the lead singer, not Coldplay.
    You can hate Coldplay but don’t reference to it with other stars. Imagine the world full of top stars, who’ll attend whose concerts?. Who are you btw? Have you ever been in Chris Master’s restroom? And the pop songs u are talking about doesn’t live long, hit today and forget tommorow, every week, the billboards updated its chart, we don’t care who is the no.1. If some video is good or a lot of skin is shown, then it hits no.1. They don’t care about good musics, good songs.
    And don’t write such type of article again.. I hope u are dead. Go Fuck Yourself

    1. Jack Meoff

      Cheeky cunt, you GO AND FUCK YOURSELF YOU BELL END.

  15. billabong

    Such vitriol from the Coldplay fans. The author states in the beginning that he doesn’t understand why people are so polarized by band, & I would have to agree. i don’t really like them, but I don’t lose sleep over them either. Kudos to the commenter who recognizes the reasoned tone of the article, & to the girl who feels sorry for those who can’t appreciate the depth of feeling the music brings to her. Well said, & certainly more reasonable than “go fuck yourself” & “I hope you die”. As I said before though, I don’t really care for them, & have trouble understanding the degree of vitriol this issue seems to generate w/fans. I myself find Coldplay to be boring & insipid (please note: spelled right mr. nitpicker). I liked the song “Yellow”, & nothing after. I cannot understand how people are so overwhelmingly obsessed w/what is, to me, such a mediocre band. But that’s me. Many of my musical choices would be rated mediocre or even awful by others, & that’s what keeps the world spinning

  16. Andrej

    Hello… opinion from 47y old man from Maribor, Slovenia… From 1994 I became a huge fan of Oasis…Definitely Maybe and What’s the story Morning Glory was my favorite albums… until 2000, when God give us COLDPLAY… since then nothing can compare with them… after first three epic albums (Parachute, A Rush of Blood to the Head, X&Y) I was a bit dissapointed at the beggining of listening of their fourth album Viva la Vida… cos I was expecting “old” Coldplay, but step by step i realized that Viva la Vida is actually brilliant album… the same story goes with Mylo Xyloto… Ghost… and now with A Head Full of Dreams…

    It’s true that I’ll never understand how come that somebody actually can not hear the magic of Coldplay music, but then again…we are different…

    Coldplay is something most beautiful, what could hit the human being. And that’s why I will come on June 16th to Wembley… to see and hear something most beautiful, what God send to us…

    Coldplay is life, Coldplay is magic, Coldplay is joy, Coldplay is hope…

    Last song from their last album: “Up&Up” with Noel Gallagher is otherwise the short answer to all people, who has ears, but are still deaf.

    1. janet

      Andrej totally agree with you, Coldplay has some sort of magical sound to their music, can’t quite describe it. Very much like Oasis (not exactly, but that same “feel”)

      I always feel happy when I hear it. Why must all music today be hip hop/rap to be considered good and sell music?
      So ticked off that on Twitter after the Super Bowl they were put down?
      Have we all lost our minds?? Beyoncé??? And the other dude with the hat???

    2. Gupta Mahmood

      I’ve never read such an arse licking comment as the one above. Slovenia is where they send all the shit music, maybe it’s the best lot of shit music you’ve heard before? If there is a god, then the Coldplay plane will crash & land on top of your house or village & smash your record player. As for Oasis, another shit shit shit band from the uk.

    3. Stripes

      Well said! Round of applause to you! I’m a massive Coldplay fan and they may not be the best band in the world, but it’s the meaning put into their songs that counts! Every song makes me smile even on my worst days!

  17. Tuggles.pw

    I am a massive Coldplay fan and is worth saying to the world that this band was and still is the best band in the world. Simply for 1 reason its 4 child hood mates singing and making music in a band and after 16 years still fucking love it like they did back in 1999.

  18. Ann

    Why do people get so aggressive about the choices others make? I went to see Coldplay live and loved every minute of it but wouldn’t want or expect to impose my views on anyone else, neither would I want them to tell me what they thought I should be listening to wearing or watching. Of course we will continue to DISCUSS impressions of the latest film, stage show and musical offering but there’s not a cat in hell’s chance that we will agree each and every time….but that’s great, it what makes people who they are. I’m not going to end with a curse or a suggestion that those who don’t agree should ****themselves -life’s too short to spend it being so angry, so I’ll agree to disagree and carry on enjoying the music I like whether it pleases you or not and hope you are able to do the same x

    1. Ian Wallace

      I’m kind of with you Ann. People do get quite aggressive on their views and opinions of Bands, i.e. Coldplay. Everybody likes different bands for different reasons and it’s just their own choice. I’m 55 and been into music for 50 years. I have such a wide interest in all sorts of music and I’ve heard it all…over and over. If your interest is talented musicians, in my “opinion” Frank Zappa was a master genius. Someone else would say he was a master weirdo. And someone else would say “Frank who?” If your interest is whatever makes you feel good, then anything is possible. Christ l think Janis Ian’s “Between the lines” album is an absolute classic, and who really cares. I personally don’t like Coldplay because in my “opinion” they’re a boring, uninteresting chick band. I don’t care what people think of my opinions, l just choose not to shout it out to everyone.

      1. janet

        I am not with Ann. It’s not anger.

        It’s being passionate about your tastes and when another disses someone you think is awesome, it brings out
        “defensive claws”

        Love Coldplay…Clocks is one of my faves.

        Like I said above, they have a “distinctive” tone to their songs. Let me see what is it?? Oh yeah a “happy” sound. Love Chris’ antics on stage. Why was it okay for M Jagger to sway around but Chris can’t move?? Plus he’s funny and cute, he and James Corden on the Late Show…adorable!!!!

  19. Judy ma☺hison

    I am sick of the sh—- graffiti piano and t- shirts as well as Chris martin only know how to jump up and down on his tip toes.Graffiti, piano,tip toes. Graffiti, piano, tip toes…on

  20. S M D

    The reason why so many people hate ColdPlay is simple : One can not live in a world of endless self made drama while indulging in self pity and pretending to be an endless victim of life, when listening to ColdPlay

  21. Farnaz

    Your idea is respectful but you need to know them more because first of all no one can ever hate Coldplay, maybe somebody says i don’t like their music but hating somebody is different and the guys are so lovely you can’t hate. and second of all their music is touching, as a matter of fact they have kind of invented a new rock style and they have been really successful in that. One thing which is so damn important is that whoever likes Coldplay is because their real characters and music and not because of their looks(only) and the way they dance or their bodies.They’ve got the real talent and they are so modest about it 🙂 So all of these mean that it’s fine that you think like that but you’d better know these 🙂

  22. MadameIarisa

    I genuinely want to know why people hate Coldplay. Was it worth wasting a week making this article about hating Coldplay? How do you even have time for something or someone you hate? Don’t waste your time hating this incredibly awesome band because it is so very worthless. Your life is too short for that. Get a life, because honestly, I feel so sad for all the people whose time got wasted because of this. You, my friend, have wasted your time.

  23. Up & up

    Okay so I’m a big fan of Coldplay and would like to put my view across. What I don’t get is why people are so opinionated about Coldplay in a negative way. If you don’t like them,don’t listen to them… don’t compare them to other bands and don’t dis Chris Martin. It’s only your opinion… you’re not right or wrong. I don’t particularly like the music of Prince, Beyoncé or Adele for example… but millions of people do and I respect that. I just don’t spout on about what I think… why put a negative slant on other people’s music taste. I don’t care if Coldplay will never be as legendary as u2 (who I also love).. so how can I explain why I like Coldplay? Well I have loved their music for a long time but over the last three years I have suffered emotionally after the man I love left me in the most terrible way,twice. Without warning he moved out while I was at work and the second time 9 months ago while I was on holiday. My heart is completely broken and I have cried oceans of tears. I have found huge comfort from the lyrics and music of Coldplay esp Fix You and the album ghost stories. No one around me understands the dark loss in my soul but I have found that Chris Martin is probably a kindred spirit with his loss of Gwyneth and his deep emotions. Last week I went to Wembley stadium on my own to see them,as I am missing Glastonbury this year due to my split. It was empowering and inspiring. So… Please don’t dis Coldplay.. people who love them connect with their music on a deeper level.. at least I do

  24. C slater

    I have not been out much but today I felt good listening to coldplay on the radio after getting a haircut. I am in a serious DV situation and have been for to long!
    I know you haters will say it’s my fault!
    Funny this is the first ever I have sent anything on the world wide web.

  25. Tony

    Bottom Line: Upper class suburban teens like sappy, new age sounding 1980’s music. Generic is good, just go visit your local Luby’s and get the baked chicken. Nobody is old enough to realize they are copying new order, etc.

  26. CPFan

    I love Coldplay. I have listened to them for more than a decade. They’re great and have always inspired me. They have songs for pretty much every feeling/emotion. The band is extremely humble, caring and genuinely nice people. In my opinion, I think people don’t like them is because of constant negativity (spreads like wildfire) which is wrong, never taking chances and word of mouth. Once people hear others say “They’re so boring, this song is slow and depressing. etc etc.” They get to listening to their music and they’re looking for a FLAW. They never see the point of the song or the lyrics.

    I read a blog on their website that at their concerts, they send out crew members to scan the highest, bad seats and they look for really excited fans, upgrade them free to fill the first couple rows on the floor. That was guaranteed sounds of excitement to them. They were tired of people sitting close to their stage and not being excited. They were simply their because they were the “highest bidders”, watching with their arms crossed, looking bored, asking “come on, entertain me!”. Reading that blog and I’m like “really?!” It’s real. I recently went to their concert in my state a month ago, I had really bad seats up near the wall. I SAW a crew member approach multiple people and while I wished my friend & I got approached (still had a great time nonetheless), the lucky people jumped up in excitement , (I saw one cry) as they went from terrible seats to literally high fiving Chris Martin hands along the stage. I don’t know of any other artists who care more about their fans….

    People are certainly entitled to their own opinions but the hate for Coldplay is out of hand. I feel like their SCAPEGOATS. Yes, their music of style has changed but the only thing(s) that has remained the same is their song messages, the band’s principles/views, the gratefulness they have for everyone that has supported/helped them along the way since the late 90s.

  27. Henry Scat


    1. Mick Jagger

      Yes i agree with you Henry. All of these sad fucks on here that like Coldplay make me laugh so much. Maybe they’re all depressed crack cocaine users

  28. Pym Reehal

    Good music should make the singer and the listener want to dance. Don’t see much of that going on with Coldplay. Hell even the lead singer just about moves lol

  29. Gianna

    Why is every haters argument that they are super freaking depressing? Go listen to Charlie Brown, or Lovers in Japan, or half the other stuff they produce that isnt slower. Being a fan of Coldplay myself, I completely understand getting tired of the same old sappy ballad sort of songs Chris likes to make. It isnt for everyone, and most fans will agree on that. But what makes coldplay unique from other bands isn’t raw talent, but diversity. Listen to Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, and then go listen to The Scientist. What makes them so enjoyable is the range of styles Chris plays around with. Not to mention how talented Johnny and Guy are. Each of their songs takes you into the emotion the theme is expressing if that makes sense. Listening to Viva la Vida makes me feel bigger than life, and glorious. Then, if I listen to something like talk, I get a lot more of the “floating meaningless in life” vibes. And to the comment above this, that is total bullshit that music should make you want to dance. Does listening to “still havent found what im looking for” make you want to break out and dance?
    So thats where I really draw the line, that Ive sort of found a mid ground with most hardcore coldplay fans ive met. A lot of them of big dreamers, the kind of type to doze off in their own world and fantasize about life. You can take it or leave it, but I think Coldplay wouldnt be this big if they werent somewhat talented. And in my honest opinion, Chris is infact very talented both lyrically and vocally. They may U2, but they dont have to be, or want to be either. Chris and the crew just seem pretty content with the fame that they have now, and I think that is totally valid. : ) Also, you dont have to like coldplay as a band to understand how much of a sweet and down to earth person Chris is. Like totally awesome dude if you ever take the time to watch him in interviews or even in concert.

    Ps: I think Chris Martin is a total dork when he dances on stage lmao.

  30. Steve

    I am a professional singer and a musician that plays several instruments.

    Coldplay’s singer is probably one of the most overrated voices ever ! He’s voice is banal without any kind of vocal power and an unimpressive vocal range. Definitely no Freddie Mercury or Sinatra here ! Nothing really sets this guy apart as a singer from a technical point of view. At least he can sing in tune,which is more than other current pop stars do at the moment.

    About the band themselves, the rhythmic session is so poor it could not handle a funk tune or anything a bit more complex than the crap you listen to on mainstream radio ! The only guy I give a bit of credit is the guitar player which has some interesting work but nothing really innovative or ground breaking.

    About the songwriting and the lyrics of this band, well they are the most generic and mass mainstream orientated possible. And of course completely sell outs to the latest trend (currently EDM)

    This band steals a lot from other artists’s work like the Satriani case but more subtly Radiohead. That shows they only care about money and fame and have no respect to their professional colleagues and others people’s art.

    Cold Play is the epitome of being a sell out and the epitome of having zero artistic honesty. In one hand they promote themselves as highly original but their producers are the same ones as Rhianna, another perfect example of crap music.

    1. Christian

      You proclaim yourself as a professional singer, and Coldplay are on a world tour with every single stadium sold out. So where are you at if Chris Martin is so rubbish?

  31. Glen

    I´m an old musician and want you to tell my opinion. I´ve been playing a lot of music through the years from baroque, classic, some jazz, pop, rock…Traditional music/tunes in the western hemisphere are built up by rythm, pulse, melodies and harmonies. In the tradition harmonies is building up tensions and relaxations in the music. One chord leads to another to build up those chains.
    Much of the “newer” music is not building up this, It´s just one chord after another, randomly choosed, not building up that tension to help the melody getting interresting.
    That´s my theory why I (in my opinoin) finds Coldplay and much newer music boring. And believe me I´ve been playing a few Coldplaysongs too myself sometimes: Yellow, Paradise, Fix you, Viva la vida.
    Now I´m not listen to the lyrics at all. I know there are people who are just listening to the lyrics and they maybe find that the most important to the song. For me it´s the harmonies, melody and arrangement that tells.
    I find Viva la vida Ok but it sounds “half-ready” they could have made some more out of it.
    Fix you, has some qualitys but over-all not good enaugh.
    Paradise, boring.
    Yellow, extremely boring.
    My over all rating of Coldplay:
    2 out of 5
    They would use some more time to making they tunes “ready” to much half-ready things.
    Some tunes have an embryo of a good idea but it seems that they havn´t took care of that. They seems to be in a rush when they are making music as many others these days. It´s better, in my opinion to make one or two realy good tunes than hundreds of half-done songs.
    But that seems to be the most common way of producing music this days.

  32. Mick

    Coldplay are only good now because the state of music today is utter shite. If they’d have been around in the 70,s or 80,s no one would have given them time of day. They are the most boring, depressing pile of shite that passes for music. You’d end up brain dead listening to their crap music.

  33. Pym Reehal

    Coldplay. Music for people who like to moan. And who like to listen to moaning. That’s why it’s popular with white people

  34. Paul

    I don’t listen to Coldplay much.
    That being said, I can’t see calling out someone who does for ridicule. (?)
    Who the fuck does that?

  35. Sum Ting

    Ok..I’m not a Coldplay hater but definitely not a fan. Their songs all sound the same to me…like they follow the same formula. The are well marketed that’s for sure; when they have a new album out they are on every late night show and radio is playing their songs on repeat it seems. Weather you like them or not you’re going to hear their songs non stop. They are not the greatest live band either…his voice just can not carry and he sings out of tune. You can barely hear it at a stadium gig…it’s his falsetto voice. And the bopping up and down and all around…enough already Chris Martin…find some new moves. The Killers on the other hand every album has taken on a different sound and they are so awesome live. Brandon’s voice and the instrumentalists…drummer. guitars, keyboards etc…QUALITY!! TOP NOTCH.

  36. Edward Sharp

    I get that people don’t like them and people don’t have to but, come on, really? It’s music, like every music genre or band, some will like them, some will not. Some like jazz, some like RnB, some like classic rock and some like the slow, calm mood that Coldplay and others like Adele and Sam Smith give. Again, some won’t and that’s fine but please just stop the damn hate. People aren’t directly hating on jazz or Rap although it’s not for everyone.

  37. Luv

    U2 fans being unnecessarily aggressive when I don’t see Bono harassing Chris nor vice-versa, as well as the ignorants who keep going on and on about how they only made sad songs. With the exception of Everglow, AHFOD is bursting with upbeat tones. So much so that the “OG” fans start getting on how it isn’t sad enough. This whole thread is opinionated so no one wins, GG

  38. lgb

    What can I say..some people just don’t know music..3 cords does it for them..but hey..when you see them then you’ll understand…when you see them then you’ll understand..all that noise all that sound!!!

  39. Dan Cromwell

    Coldplay are just the smooth jazz Kenny G-ified version of Nickelback!! If you want to crank up the rock and roll energy a notch or two there is always talk radio.



  41. Tired Fan

    I love Cold Plays music, but really, a band as good as they are, can’t have the decency to give back to those who have basically paid their way?? Yes, I said pay their way, we buy, listen, talk about and love their music and they cannot pay it forward by touring?? WTF is that all about. Maybe a little too much Grandeur mentality on their part?? You are a band that plays music that people like and love, pay it back to those of us who continue to make you are who you are. How selfish and hypocritical. There are more and have been better bands that pay it back to their fans. You only want to tour in other countries outside the US??? I am losing more respect and the desire to listen to them, as time goes by. What a disappointment…..Am I really the only one that feels this way? or is everyone else holding on to blind faith????

  42. Stewart Branes

    Oh…excusea moi…I’m waiting for people to build a beautiful mosque right next to Chris Martin’s mom’s hoose.

    One full of fun, and white wash ridicule. One…where we’s all writers of our own Philip K Dick novel…in fact, instead of being ginger lesbians fulll of cunnilingus, lest all just think about how Chris Martin thinks.

    Me, me , meep – let’s save cocaine for a higher bieng…and fuck spaz n.

    Let’s look at his piano skills first of all….yes…Chinese girl. Could do with a wee finger click improvement – something, I always wanted to do, was play the piano, like a delta blues mongul scuba diving with several plastic bags nirbanna.

    And then, orthodondist – fuck off to america.

    But, what I hate about Coldplay…is, they’re just shit – smaelly poo poo. Like a tory government in China. Or even a oCorbyn one.

    Get rid of Cobyn I say…let a handsome scottish cunt, take over labour…and fight the inequality overthis fucking tupid asred womble…doing sloane ranger for his mosque.

  43. Stewart Barnes

    Please…listen. There are two thousand children in China, that need to be taught English.

    Not, like a Saffer…or a sloane, but with love.

    Beautiful love, like the music of Coldplay…a dull sloane mincing about telling people how it is.

    Almost like listening to Chris martin’s mom. She’s bought a condo recently. Why, if I could be like that ginger fucking spaz n…..d’you what I’d do?

    Buy a girly bar.

    And sing paradise all day long, and then….play classical piano….just for my crush on ginger pig.

    The man that tamed the internet – tai chi….crouch mong mong.

  44. Stewart Barnes

    Okay…my bad. Chris Martin are good. But Coldplay…fucking hell. If I was a peadagogue nun full of jesus. My god, I’d tell my Mum to suck her own cock….until she bulit a mosque in devon.

    Why…I went on a rugby dou, with my mum on my shoulder and you should see what they got up to – not fair. Creepy lesbians.

    See, if I could be Chris Martin….first thing I’d do…is eradicate the haiku.

    I’d be like – can you speak jap – no, fuck off cunt!

    See in China, they’ve actually getting kids to play Coldplay tunes in China….it’s called McDonalds – a world wher no-one is drunk, just a happy meal. A soylent green for an rich academic.

    hopefully, I’m wrong. Off to Rain Man. My favourite film about linguistics.

    But, always disliked the music of the man who played god – Korea’s not nirbanna.

  45. Stewart Barnes

    How many drunks make a classical musicain?

    None…they all know HTML 5.

    What a joke – like building a mosque in devon…can do it on the net.

    Saw a gay that looked like Sir Chirs in Glasgow…he was all beaten up and looking at some drug dealers across he street.

    I was like, Chris, you look homeless…like me. And…I don’t want to fight you – give me bung mate. Like 300k. You was born i milllionaire….I can just creep off like a pedagogue with too much money to burn.

    Nope…he said to me: you gotta help me.

    I thought to myself….nope womble, go pick up your own pig-shite. That and I was scared…his mom might hex me – poo allah tai chi.

  46. Stewart Barnes

    I’ve just got soooo…angry. Think I’ll write a letter to n’dugu and the allotment society of Colplay lovers.

    It;s all about being a feminist…and how to change the thought process from multi-liguist. To….how to build a mosque in Devon. For Scotland…do it for Scotland. I hope corner shop isis-Chirs tells me how it is tomorrow.

    I actually saw Chris Martin stare at his phone yesterday…he bulked up, by touching a chid’s head, Mental.

    I mean…look….at he, lyrics of Coldpaly – hush little child don;t you cry…I’m gonna sing you lullaby…- not write…fuck off to mecca.

    O vey…look at me…born with 600k to but another property.

    Tai chi mincer…with a finger on the pulse of nonce.

  47. Stewart Barnes

    Blah….hopefuly, I’ll wake up tomorrow…and watch Toy Story V. What a film. Cannot wait – pal pot-belly willing.

    It’s been created by ginger thyroid merchants….sun dodging and doting on a lispy sloane playing chords for a fucking complete wank.

    Hope Chris Martin, teaches kids in China…without his mom’s money…that’s all I gotta say. I’m sure he can speak fluent gay…but, take his cash away..what you got…a litle girl playing piano to a skipping tune.

    But. I’m just jealous. In fact, I’m poor…that’s why I refute his sloane cunt shite. By the way…people like Chris taight me to be who I am.

    That’s why I’ve not used one racial slur…whatsoverver….fucking naggers with rat teeth.

  48. Stewart Barnes

    Okay. My bad…Coldplay, have done as much for the SNP and Brexit as my last fart in botswana. A universe of Perky’s nd photogeneric memories….a clause in how to be, a perfect retard. Keep the piss and and yuji. Great. Just don’t tell Ynnda.

    I actually, feel guilty for saying bad words about Kyo Sa Mong-Mong via Nanking Chris Martin…the world’s greatest air steward…however, as much as presbyterianism seems to be a northern thing, I do have to agree…being a shite fran healy full of steroids…is certainly psychology today. Why…I heard an old lady call me a poof yesterday…and I’m like…check out the Coldplay fan…coke and synergy…glamour and fame. Truly outrageous….like rain man Si Fu with his mum in drag – stare stare at phone with arm on shoulder.

    In fact, I bought a mosque in Devon on the internet…and, what dis I get in return…an old lady pretending to be an academic womble, that’s what – in fact, she’s doing yoga and playing classical piano right now. Dunno who it is…Chris Martin?

    Aw fuck it…off to dye my hair ginger…love that Joker.

  49. Kevin Matthews

    Some people here don’t seem to understand.
    Coldplay is all about the music and the messages within that music sent out to all in this world. There are four members equally talented in the band not just one? I was very lucky to see Coldplay twice at Wembley and Earls Court, London back in the early days….you could tell then they was going to be successful, but not to copy others or try and be something they are not or claim to be the best?…thats simply not the case then or now or in the future.They have come a long way and inspired so many. Long live their music and love eachother. We as humans, are only here for a little while…..

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