TWTHS Top Five Albums of 2015

Published by Jeffrey Becker

Sometimes two albums is better than one!!

TWTHS Top Five Albums of 2015

Honorable Mention:

Noel Gallagher – Chasing Yesterday


Any cries for an Oasis reunion were extinguished with Noel Gallagher’s sophomore solo effort.   As Liam and his band dribbled into a break-up and justifiable obscurity, Gallagher proved what we already knew: he could write simple rock songs as well as anyone.   Even into his late 40’s Gallagher sounds better than ever, and his songs feel young.   Stellar tracks like the beauty of an opener ‘Riverman’ and ‘Dying of the Light’ are insta-classics.   The only thing more entertaining than Gallagher’s albums are his interviews, where he wouldn’t skip a beat in offending both the Pope and Adele in the same sentence if the opportunity presented itself.  My Oasis collection is just fine the way it is.   I’d rather have a third solo Noel Gallagher platter for my archives.


5. Wolf Alice – My Love is Cool


Should have been titled ‘My Album is Cool’, because that’s Wolf Alice in a nutshell at the end of 2015.  With a rollicking album from front to back they’re certainly in the running as one of the scarier bands for the years ahead.  Where other bands like Savages grabbed the early headlines, Wolf Alice simply made a great record – culminating in much-earned NME awards and a Grammy nomination.   This album should be higher on this list.   ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ is rock at its finest; sounding like a track straight from the Nevermind sessions.


4. Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear


Every month it seems as if the artist formerly known as Joshua Michael Tillman is collaborating with someone new, showing up to guest appear at some friend’s gig, or headlining his own theater tour.   In the midst of the most prolific schedule possible (behind the Flaming Lips), he makes great albums and none better than I Love You, Honeybear.   You could buy your woman a new copy of this album on Valentines Day for the rest of your life and probably end up just fine.


3. Deerhunter – Fading Frontier


Brilliant indie rock at its finest.   ‘Snakeskin’ leaps from the turntable in what must be one of the more surprisingly stellar albums of 2015.   Not that the Deerhunter catalog lacked the goods, but some of these gems came out of the blue compared to the past.   Their most accessible and magnetic album to date.


2. Tame Impala – Currents


Combining Bee Gee-style melodies with an early-Prince falsetto and dropping those skills onto arguably two of the greatest singles of 2015 (‘The Less I Know the Better’, and ‘Let it Happen’), Kevin Parker exceeded even our own high expectations for the most recent Tame Impala album.   He just became the most interesting man in the world.


1. Beach House – Desperation Cherry/Thank Your Lucky Stars


Call it the best double album of the year even with the surprise release of LP #2 (Thank Your Lucky Stars) a couple months after Desperation Cherry appeared.   From all directions you get hooks, melodies, harmonies, shoegazey guitar work, cryptic lyrics, brilliant lead vocals and when thrown together you get a mad scientist recipe for a band that keeps getting better and better.   Beach House is to dream pop what the White Stripes were to garage band rock in the 2000’s.   Each album gets better.  Each album more anticipated than the last.  Each album fulfilling a promise.  They’re scary good.  Listen to the final track, ‘Somewhere Tonight’ off Lucky Stars and you get a sense for the timelessness of their sound.

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