Our 5 favorite never-before-seen concert photos of 2015

Published by JB on January 31, 2016

Our 5 favorite never-before-seen concert photos of 2015.  Click any pic to enlarge and be literally amazed at their high definition beauty!!!   (And because we love clicks!!  🙂 )

5.  Taylor Swift (September, St. Paul, MN).  Photo by Jeff Becker.

The best woman in pop not named Beyonce’ dominated much of 2015 (again!),… well until that Adele girl showed up in the early winter and all of a sudden the music industry discovered oxygen again.   Taylor Swift’s shows are a sensory-crushing made for-Disney-movie, but in no better hands are our female youth than with the nurturing hands of Miss Swift.  How can you not like her?   She’s like chocolate that makes you skinnier!


4.  Tame Impala (Minneapolis).   Photo by Jeff Becker.

Echoing the Bee Gees’ disco heights and dominating indie satellite radio for 9 months put Tame Impala and Kevin Parker in line as the coolest indie band of 2015.  They became what the old Black Keys used to be (the best band your friends didn’t know about) before they became THE BLACK KEYS.  The next album from Tame Impala may be the most anticipated set of tracks for the last half of this decade.   With Parker, there is no ceiling.


3.  My Morning Jacket (Las Vegas).    Photo by Jeff Becker.

They’re arguably the most powerful live band on the planet.  Sometimes their albums don’t match up to their live performance, but what do we REALLY want most from our rockstars – great albums or great performances?  I’ll go with the latter.  To capture My Morning Jacket in their prime from the pit is a photographer’s dream come true.   And oh, they make pretty good albums too!


2.  Grace Potter (Des Moines).   Photo by Jeff Becker.

Opening for the Rolling Stones in 2015 was more than symbolic for Grace Potter.  Not only does she mimic the Stone’s genre-jumping styles of rock; she dominates the stage like Mick Jagger.   She could be onstage with 10 bandmates playing loud cellos and you’d swear to God after the show she was up there by herself.


1.  Emily Haines of Metric (St. Paul).   Photo by Jeff Becker.

They had a booger of a photo release for their tour in 2015 while opening for Imagine Dragons, but their emergence from a quasi-punk band to a power pop juggernaut has been completed over their past three albums.  What’s in place now is a dazzling stage presence with Emily Haines fully in charge.  Her lyrics go well beyond making beautiful pop songs. She invokes the pain, agony and harmony that are all involved when creating art.



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