Review: Still Corners at the 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis, MN. October 28, 2011

Still Corners at the 7th St. Entry

Published by Jeff Becker on October 29, 2011.DSC_3266_filtered

  • 7th St. Entry
  • Minneapolis, MN.
  • October 28, 2011


Still Corners has plans to be more than this, and they probably will be.  Sometimes you can just tell.  Greg Hughes and Tessa Murray have the dreamy look, sound charming and will warm your day or night with their stargaze sound that is the soundtrack to your life – moving from track to track without many adjustments in sound or emotion. Their live presence truly emulates their new album with seamless songs, carefully picking up the emotion briefly from time to time but mostly subdued – creating sounds for effects versus building true pop songs. The vocals from lead singer Tessa do little to distinguish itself from song to song – but that’s not the point. She’s there to send you on a one-DSC_3159_filteredway turbulence-free trip to Saturn – not to make you jump out of bed to start a new day on your tiptoes. She’s not going to cheer you up. Instead, she’s going to sing around you, through you, and next to you.

This is not a show focused around the perfect 4 minute song with album filler. Instead it’s a 75 minute breathless medley. My guess is that Still Corners growth will be quick and rampant. Beware of their 2nd album when they take it up a notch. Their stage presence will grow as Tessa engages the audience with more ease. There’s nothing to not endear about them. They make music that seemingly means everything to them and are waiting and watching until one day it means that much to us. Good days are here but better days are ahead.


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