Review: Starfucker – Live in Northfield, MN, September 29, 2011

Starfucker at The Cave in Northfield MN.   Opening act:  Alexico 


Live dance music at its pinnacle folks in the most intimate atmosphere possible.  Yes, everything here needs some perspective. There is live music at its peak (Radiohead, My Morning Jacket), and then there is unstoppable, unmatched kinetic musical energy at a small club.  Quite often, these are two different experiences – and they rarely happen at the same time. Starfucker will never have the musical impact of any of those giants – they know that, we know that.  It’s not apples to apples to compare them to the large bulk of indie bands.  This is dance music with hooks and melodies flying out of every corner of the room.  They build up, they groove on, they change direction – but these are hooks you can reach out and grab….and what’s best is you can sense them coming even before they get there.  Their goal is make dance music you can listen to as an art, and dance to at a show.


I have a part in my brain that tells me that groups like this can’t possibly pull off the sonic boom of their slick studio work where layers of sounds sit on top of each other.  I saw Washed Out struggle with this a month ago – and Washed Out has one of the top albums of 2011.  Some albums are just meant for studios and headphones.  Replicating them in an intimate small stage environment is a necessary evil, and difficult. Welcome to Starfucker.  They stand, they head bob, they bounce a little, they close their eyes and they jam.  The opening request from the band was to turn off all the white light – use red only – and turn on the disco ball.  Moments later was a 75 minute assault with synths, catchy rhythm guitar and boundless energy from an inebriated and gyrating, joyous crowd.  Songs like ‘Jupiter’ and the opener ‘German Love’ shimmered over their studio counterparts with ease. Welcome to my best 75 minutes of 2011.  Rave on!



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