Review: The Naked and Famous at the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI. April 14, 2012.

The Naked and Famous at the Majestic Theater in Madison, Wi. Opening acts: Now Now & Vacationer.


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The Naked and Famous are filled with youth and energy, this can be seen as both a positive and negative. To their credit, they had a sold out crowd jumping, gyrating, and contorting through an eclectic mix of rock infused synthpop. On the flip side, vocals on rock centered songs wereoften over powered. The synthpop translated well to the live arena, with “All of This” and the accompanying light show, my hopes were definitely soaring high. The show, however, felt a bit disjointed on the heavier songs with vocals sometimes lost in the industrial mix of guitar riffs and keyboards. The crowd loved the interaction with lead singer Alisa Xayalith, with her down under accent and carefree stage presence.


There was something for everyone during the show.  In a similar vein to their record, the live performance featured both passive synthpop hits destined for radio glory, if it weren’t for the profanity and darker aggressive rockers with an industrial flare.  All in all, the entire night was a fun-filled dance party and with only a few kinks to work out, I feel like The Naked and Famous are definitely a band on the verge of making a name for themselves in The States.

— Tracie H.

(Photographer’s note:    this is nearly an off-the-chart great venue, coming from someone who has visited 95% of the great ones in the midwest.   Great sightlines and wonderful acoustics.  Love the fact there’s plenty of nearby parking and great options for food and drink all around this area of downtown Madison.)


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