Review: The Divine Fits and Split Singles at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN. April 4, 2013

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Published by Jeff Becker on April 5, 2013

The Divine Fits and Split Singles (opening band)

  • The Varsity Theater, Minneapolis, MN.
  • April 4, 2013

Setlist (see photo below for actual setlist) and review:

I wish I was Britt Daniel.

No offense to the very talented (and with a wonderful co-lead voice) Dan Boeckner, Britt Daniel is slicing out a very large piece of the current indie rock and roll pie all for his own.   Since 2001 Daniel has been on fire, a true can’t-miss streak for over a decade now.   With the last 5 Spoon albums all critically-acclaimed and The Divine Fits debut album kicking out some stunningly simple, compelling, head-bobbing classic tracks such as “Flaggin a Ride” and “Would that Not be Nice”, Daniel is quietly becoming iconic and dropping our jaws.   He hasn’t caught lightning in a bottle – he’s got in his back pocket all zipped up.   He commandeers two phenomenal bands, has one of the classic rock voices alive right now, turns 42 a week from now, and everything he touches is gold.

Boeckner (from Wolf Parade) provides the perfect counterpart to Daniel, and their styles and look contrast sharply.  Daniel, the tall stud in the white oxford shirt looking cool and belting out classic verse after verse.   Boeckner plays the role of the punk-rock looking badass; all 98 lbs of him with his skin tight jeans – wielding his guitar around with all of the classic poses from Keith Richards.   But Boeckner’s voice is tremendous, never dropping a note, sounding pristine against the standard that Daniel refuses to let others even compete with.    The co-lead vocals here are another stroke of genuis employed by the Fits that more bands should realize (maybe the fucking Beatles had it right after all, eh?).    The rumor of more music on the way from Daniel via both Spoon and the Divine Fits is the best news since remembering that North Korea is half a globe away.  In an era where the general public thinks the Black Keys are the greatest band alive, I chortle merrily at that misconception.   Not last night, not today and not tomorrow.   Dan Auerbach of the Keys and Britt Daniel are on a level playing field – both remarkable talents indeed, but I’ll take the Spoon/Divine Fits playing their catalog at the Varsity Theater on a Thursday night in Dinkytown over the Black Keys at the 11,000 seat Target Center every day of the week.


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