Review: Poliça – Shulamith Record Release Show 10/21/2013

  • Electric Fetus
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • October 21, 2013
  • Photos and review by Joe Stadele for The Way That He Sings on October 23, 2013.

The Electric Fetus In-Store Record Release Performance

“Minnesota Nice!” as one audience member shouted and then repeated by Poliça vocalist Channey Leaneagh may have be the best description of the band’s late Monday night performance at Minneapolis’ Electric Fetus.  Building on the success of Give You The Ghost, Poliça were just under two hours from the worldwide release of their 2nd album, Shulamith.  250+ eager fans, family and friends packed the record and cd aisles of the Fetus for a 45 minute live preview.

The price of admission was a pre-order of Shulamith from the Electric Fetus (one Shulasmith Signed (My Copy)Minneapolis’ flagship record stores).  The first 40-50 individuals whom pre-ordered and claimed their vinyl were rewarded with an extremely limited (500 only) “bootleg edition” of the record which included hand-drawn artwork and were numbered and autographed by the band members (If you want a copy, eBay is your best bet).


“Thanks very much,” Channey laughingly mused, “We might skip one song….I hope it’ll be fun.”  The band chronologically performed the new album, track-by-track (only skipping the Justin Vernon [of Bon Iver, Volcano Choir, The Shouting Matches] Polica (15)collaboration “Tiff”).  The intricate interplay between dueling drummers, Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu, was fun to witness upclose, particularly during the racing percussive moments of “Matty”, “Spilling Lines” and the sinister “Very Cruel”.  Bassist Chris Bierden was particularly animated as he grooved the low end and provided backup vocals.  Channey’s echoed vocals carried on throughout the show, even when addressing the audience between songs…and a motherly moment when
Polica (22)apologizing, “My sweet little daughter came here, without earphones” after noticing her standing in front of the stage without ear plugs. (If it’s any consolation Channey, even in front of the speakers the volume levels were actually quite comfortable.)


Though the store’s bright lighting and restricted playing area wasn’t necessarily conducive to Poliça ’s arcane night music, the Electric Fetus staff Polica (9)were exceptional (thank you), the band sounded fantastic and fans were happy to be in that moment with a band that feels on the verge of great success.  Shulamith serves as an intriguing and glimpse into the band and is a hypnotic album that grows on you with repeated play.


tumblr_muruazir7E1qzyft7o1_500Poliça return to Minneapolis November 29 & 30th with Marijuana Death Squad at Mill City Nights.  If you are interest in attending, hurry  because both shows are almost sold out.



Polica (20)Setlist:

Chain My Name



Warrior Lord

Very Cruel

Torre (Basketball)


Spilling Lines


I Need $

So Leave

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