Review: Garbage and IO Echo at the Rave / Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI. April 6, 2013

Published by Jeff Becker on April 9, 2013


  • The Rave / Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI.
  • April 6, 2013

Setlist (see photo below for actual setlist) and review:

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We’re on day two of our personal 3-day Garbage tour between Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Madison.   With a setlist that was 85 % similar to the prior evening’s show in Minneapolis, this was the opening of Garbage’s 2-day homecoming tour through Wisconsin.   “Homecoming” is something of a misnomer since Shirley Manson, the band’s clear centerpiece is 115% Scottish –  accent and all – and being Scottish in Milwaukee is about as homegrown as being a southern belle in the south Bronx.   However, it’s her adopted home and the home party state of Butch Vig and the other band members.   Good enough for me – but do these fans really need reason #638 to drink?  Whatever.D7K_1238

Focusing her stories on the early days of Garbage, her distaste for the music industry back in 2005, and attempts at saying thanks to the band’s family members in the large crowd, it’s with ease that Manson wins over hearts.   How can anyone dislike this woman?   While  her commando style effect on the stage is all tough-girl, her delivery in between songs is very charming.    When she laughs she smiles wide, her knees buckle, her eyes shut and she shows genuine embarrassment.   Even her f-bomb filled stories sound like they could cheer up a 2nd-grader.  But she’s also well aware of her place in the band and their place in the rock world over the past 17 years.   They’re the small midwest band with the big sound – backed by a drummer that helped produce two of the greatest albums of a decade (90’s).   The most interesting insight of the night was Manson reliving life 18 months prior when their manager told them that in order to get back into the game they needed to become adept at Facebook, Twitter, etc.   Manson was startled that within a very brief time Garbage’s Facebook site gathered 250k Likes and she was blown away by the renewed (or perhaps never forgotten) interest in the band – and how that interest was such a huge driving force behind the band’s entire run through 2012/13.    It was a genuine peak into the humbleness of Manson, the power of social media and the impact it has on bands that are on the verge of calling it quits.   For the first time in my life I want to say ‘thank you Facebook’.   Ugh.

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