Concert Review: Franz Ferdinand and Frankie Rose at the Skyway Theater in Minneapolis, MN. – October 9, 2013

Published by JB on October 10, 2013
  • Franz Ferdinand and opening act: Frankie Rose
  • The Skyway Theater
  • Minneapolis, MN.

The last time I saw Franz Ferdinand in Minneapolis was 2006 and they were opening for Death Cab For Cutie.   Given Death Cab’s slow, but consistent fall from the being the darlings of indie, Franz Ferdinand as the opener in retrospect was like having Led Zeppelin open up for Whitesnake.  Franz stole that show in 2006 away from a chubby, pre-Zooey Ben Gibbard and now they’re firmly entrenched into our critically acclaimed mainstream while their touring partners that night in 2006 have all but been sent to musical exile.   And for good reason; Franz delivers a brand 2013-10-09_Franz_D7K-126of post-punk, funk, rock and pop that is difficult (if not absent) to find in our domestic bands. Their incomparable style sets them apart from the rest because most bands can’t even touch the tiny niche that Franz dominates.  The Franz Ferdinand sound is still unique yet both vibrant and magnetic – so much so that Kapranos makes it feel fresh with each new release they drop every four years.

Onstage, Alex Kapranos, with guitar in hand for 100% of the show, is dominant.  Leg kicks, dancing, jamming, smiling, flirting, growling – it’s all there and in perfect form as he utilizes the growing Franz Ferdinand catalog to stretch the show beyond the minimal constraints of say, 2006 when they toured on the strength of only two albums.  Combining songs from all four albums the show fits together as tightly as the Franz catalog does when played back to back.   They’re not trying to be the Beatles who rapidly jumped from the colors of Sgt. Pepper to the sparseness of Let it Be.  That was a 180 with a backflip included.   Instead, Kapranos opts to dominate what he does best, and while it’s refreshing to see some artists make overt changes in style (Damon Albarn and others) Kapranos has found the right sound to retain that energy.   It’s something that bands like Oasis struggled with for over a decade; having insane amounts of talent but trying to not change too much and yet still be exciting plus important.   Few can pull it off, but Ferdinand has.  You can buy their new album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions here.


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