Concert Review: Chairlift with Starchild – The Fine Line Cafe – Minneapolis, MN – April 1, 2016

Published by Jeff Becker on April 2, 2016

Chairlift with Starchild & The New Romantic – The Fine Line Cafe – Minneapolis, MN – April 1, 2016


Caroline Polachek’s sleek and sultry delivery mesmerized a well-behaved, bubbly, head-bobbing, over half-filled Fine Line Cafe crowd that (according to Patrick Wimberly) was graced with the hypnotic, dance floor duo’s 5th trip to downtown Minneapolis.  I personally don’t count that many and I can search Google, but it doesn’t really matter.   Five trips it is.

Kicking off the show at a breakneck pace (the opening five songs, were quick, brief and played nearly by the numbers to their recorded counterparts) the show ultimately slowed down during the latter half as newer tracks like ‘I Belong in Your Arms’ and the quirky, methodical ‘Unfinished Business’ took away some of the gig’s infectious energy.   But that energy drop is also brief.  The Chairlift duo (with 4 stage-mates total) can flawlessly deliver beautifully constructed pop songs.  They’ve written and performed some of the most elite pop songs of the past 8 years.   It’s then when when Polachek shines the most.

Tracks such as ‘Amanaemonesia’, ‘Bruises’ and ‘Moth to the Flame’ are undeniably outstanding.   They showcase Polachek and Wimberly at their absolute finest – with the latter grabbing the bass and joining the front of the stage for two of these three stupendous tracks.   And just when you felt like ‘Amanaemonesia’ and ‘Bruises’ would be the landmark tracks that Chairlift were always remembered for, ‘Moth to the Flame’ steals this Fine Line show.  The track is funky, driving and effervescent with the radiant Polachek dominating the stage.

It’s ironic that this weekend in Minneapolis also offered up a huge, youth girls dance program at the downtown Minneapolis Convention Center.   The best dance program of the weekend was Polachek’s 75 minutes on Friday night.

P.S.  And thank you Caroline for letting me bypass your no-photos policy.  It’s a great policy by the way as I couldn’t spot a single cell phone in the air during the show taking blurry pics.  The world of live music fans says thank you.



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