Review: Anberlin, Paper Route and All Get Out at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, MN. April 23, 2013

All photos and review by Joe Stadele.   Published on April 27, 2013.

Anberlin with opening acts: Paper Route and All GetAnberlin (18) Out

  • Mill City Nights
  • Minneapolis, MN.
  • April 23, 2013


Tour De Vital 2013

Anberlin is teetering on the verge of success.  They have a strong and consistent catalog of sing-along songs with big choruses, a lively and energetic stage show, enjoyed a successful opening stint on The Smashing Pumpkins’ Oceania Tour and with the release of 2012’s VITAL, the boys are firing on all cylinders and brought their sound to another level.  Yet, something felt lacking Tuesday night in downtown Minneapolis.

With the assistance of Bjork’s “Army of Me,” the Florida natives took the packed crowd at Mill City Nights on a ride through their punk-to-pop rock back catalog.  Kicking off the show with a trio of songs from the past, the show kicked finally into gear when the band launched into 2012’s “Someone Anyone.“  Vocalist Stephen Christian’s vocal strength carried each song as he energetically danced across the stage, hand-clapping, fist-pumping, Elvis-posing and amping up the crowd from start to finish.  While drummer Nathan Young was hidden in the darkness behind the band; other members made their presence known shouting lyrics, spreading water on the enthusiastic crowd and playing each song spot on.  The rocking set took a one-moment pause with the acoustic sing-along, ”The Unwinding Cable Car.”

It was obvious Anberlin were enjoying the Minneapolis crowd and likewise, the crowd enjoyed Anberlin (16)every moment.  Citing the crowd as “an attractive and untapped market,” Christian took a humorous moment to ask a set of twins to leave the show because they were more attractive than him and it was against his contract.  He dedicated the next song to everyone in the audience, except the twins, and then broke into “Modern Age.”

Overall, the band put on a strong performance and left a happy Minneapolis audience cheering for more.  With the strength of 2012’s VITAL, it seemed interesting the band chose not to focus on the new material and sprinkle the fan-favorite amongst the set.  But really, that is a minor and personal critique.

You can catch Anberlin on tour this summer with an acoustic themed tour with up-and-comers Stars In Stereo.




  • The Resistance
  • Paperthin Hymn
  • We Owe This To Ourselves
  • Someone Anyone
  • Never Take Friendship Personal
  • Little Tyrants
  • Other Side
  • I’d Like To Die
  • The Unwinding Cable Car
  • Impossible
  • Modern Age
  • Reclusion
  • Feel Good Drag
  • Godspeed
  • Self-Starter


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