News: RISE – The Story of Augustines (Kickstarter project)

Published by JB on August 11, 2014

The story of a band that overcame massive adversity & personal tragedy to become the most critically acclaimed indie band in the world.

Back this Project – must have $55,000 by September 6, 2014.

From director Todd Howe – "Why have I decided to make this film?"

Augustines evoke an incredible sense of providence in their story, and in their music. Like the others interviewed for this film, I immediately was drawn to the band’s passion and artistry. Soa164676939e872a0d0b7513b74d63870_large many people over the past few years have come together, giving selflessly to the band for one reason. Their music needed to be heard. I feel incredibly lucky to be in the unique position to make this film. Along with producer, and Big Vulture co-founder, Josh Kincaid, it is our intention that RISE transcends both music and band to stand on it's own as a truly compelling film.

This is an independent film. It is neither commissioned nor funded by the band. However, we have the blessing of all involved in the Augustines camp to document their story, with unrestricted access.

To me, what makes this film so unique are the band members. The fact that they have been through so much in their history makes the success they now have inspirational on another level altogether.

On December 8, 2014, Augustines will perform at London's prestigious Roundhouse to over 3,500 people. This show and the preceding European tour will provide a triumphant backdrop as we follow Augustines back through their history, showing just why their dedicated fan base continues to fervently grow. Augustines have something rare. Their live shows exemplify the band’s best qualities: passion and élan, heartbreak and intimacy, all imbued with a power that can barely be contained. Rarely has a rock band made their fans feel so alive.


If you have donated, we are now making this film together. You can help OUR project succeed in many ways. Follow & interact with us on our social networks and let people know about the film and that they too can be a part of it's success. Follow Big Vulture on Facebook, Instagram (@thebigvulture) and Twitter (@thebigvulture). Always feel free to reach out to us and get in touch, we are incredibly interactive people and will be providing a lot of project updates for you to watch, interact with and share. It's important to us that you feel as much a part of this as we do. We're one community all striving to make an amazing film!


We are creating an extremely limited edition DVD book for the film. Filled with behind the scenes photos shot whilst filming, it will also feature the exclusive updated Augustines biography from Ryan Berg, author of the original extended biography, titled 'My Brother's Keeper'. This will be a true collectors item for any Augustines fan or film buff.



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