Concert Review: Wolfmother with Deap Vally at First Avenue – Minneapolis – February 24, 2016

Photography and review courtesy Joe Stadele for TWTHS.  Photos may not be used without consent.  Published February 28, 2016.  

Wednesday night’s sold out performance at First Avenue was testament to Wolfmother’s strengths and the importance of live performance.  From Deap Vally’s stomping buzzsaw drones to Andrew Stockdale’s testosterone laden riffage, Deap Vally ©JoeStadelePhotography2016 (21)Wednesday night was all about the guitars.  On the opening night of the Gypsy Caravan Tour, Wolfmother and Deap Vally demonstrated just why they deserved to be on the First Avenue stage.

“It’s kind of hard to play drums with a baby sucking on your boob,” quipped Deap Vally’s Lindsey Troy with a snicker.  While bandmate Julie Edwards is taking a maternity leave from touring, Liv Marsico of Stone Darling is filling in on drums and backing vocals.  Even without Edwards, Troy brought the swagger (wearing just a tasseled neon unitard) as she ripped through the stomping “End of the World” and empowered “Walk of Shame” off 2013’s Sistionix.  DV introduced new tracks “Little Baby Beauty Queen,” “Smile More (Reflection),” “Julian” and the slow burning groove of “Royal Jelly” — presumably to be released on their forthcoming album.

Wolfmother ©JoeStadelePhotography2016 (19)As if claiming triumph from the top, Wolfmother came out ablaze with their lead single, “Victorious.”  Andrew Stockdale had no shortage of riffs as he dug into his arsenal drenched in the blood of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and The White Stripes. The band was clearly enjoying themselves with a set heavy classics (ie. “Woman,” “Apple Tree” and “Joker And The Thief”) and only a selection of new tracks.  “Victorious” was the obvious single.  WM debuted “Gypsy Caravan” and “The Simple Life.”  While it was fun to watch Stockdale play to the audience and bassist/organist Ian Peres literally jump between instruments, it would have been nice for a slower moment with Victorious’ one ballad “Pretty Peggy.”  Considering this was my first time seeing Wolfmother (and Deap Vally) live, I was most impressed with how great the songs sounded live.  The band was tight.  Alex Carapetis and Peres were in sync which allowed Stockdale to what he does best, rock-the-hell-out.

Paired together, Deap Vally and Wolfmother served each other well with a common thread in the tones of Jack White.  With a new album on the horizon, produced by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Nick Zinner, Deap Vally are a band to watch.  Wolfmother and Deap Vally continue through the States through the end of March.  For shows in your area, go to


deapvally sistrionixDeap Vally’s Setlist
Little Baby Beauty Queen
Bad for My Body
Baby I Call Hell
Gonna Make My Own Money
Raw Material
Smile More (Reflection)
No True Romance
Walk of Shame
End of the World
Royal Jelly

wolfmother victoriousWolfmother’s Setlist
New Moon Rising
Apple Tree
The Love That You Give
White Unicorn
California Queen
How Many Times
Gypsy Caravan
The Simple Life
Mind’s Eye
Joker & the Thief


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