Concert Review: Veruca Salt with Charly Bliss – The Cedar – Minneapolis, MN – July 23, 2015

All photographs © Joe Stadele Photography for TWTHS. All rights reserved. Published 07/27/2015.

Veruca Salt © JoeStadelePhotography2015 (9)The attitude was intact.  The guitars laid thick.  The sound levels pushed past 11.  Nostalgia was rightfully unnecessary.

The reinvigorated Veruca Salt returned to Minneapolis for the second time since the reformation of the classic lineup.  The key difference being the release of their highly acclaimed new album Ghost Notes; the first Nina + Louise + Jim + Steve album since 1997.   While Louise Post did release two VS album in the interim, Ghost Notes has the sound and confessional feel which makes for proper successor to Eight Arms To Hold You.

“I remember that girl,” repeated Louise Post and Nina Gordon during the show opening “Prince of Whales.”  With a wink and a nod the band shifted into the thunderous “I’m Taking Europe With Me” then shifted to the present with the “Back-In-Black-like” “Black and Blonde.”  Shifting between new and old, the band used their classics to drive new songs like the instantly accessible “Laughing In The Sugar Bowl,” the building “Come Clean Dark Clean” and spunky “Gospel According To Saint Me.”  While you can’t dismiss the classic highs of “Straight,” “Shutterbug,” “Seether” and “Volcano Girls, the foursome proved they have a lot more to say and still have the spark that started it all.

Charly Bliss ©JoeStadelePhotography2015 (17)Opening the night were the energetic and playful Charly Bliss who were clearly excited to share the stage with Veruca Salt.  Led by charismatic and excitable Eva Hendricks, the singer/guitarist channeled her inner Gwen Stafani as she bounced in place and around stage.  Not to be outdone, the guys all held their own with a stage presence and precision that will be fun to watch as the band develops on the road.  Check out more from Charly Bliss here.

Only a handful of dates remain on Veruca Salt’s current tour, but based on the strength of Ghost Notes, expect more dates to be announced soon.  Ghost Notes is available now directly at

Prince of Wales
I’m Taking Europe With Me
Black and Blonde
Laughing in the Sugar Bowl
All Hail Me
Empty Bottle
Come Clean Dark Thing
With David Bowie
Don’t Make Me Prove It
Shimmer Like a Girl
Spiderman ’79
The Museum of Broken Relationships
Volcano Girls

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