Concert Review: twenty | one | pilots at the Skyway Theater in Minneapolis, MN. – April 17, 2014

  • Openers: NONONO and Hunters Hunted
    twenty one pilots-jsp (24)
  • Skyway Theater, Minnepolis, MN
  • April 17, 2014
  • Published by Joe Stadele on April 21, 2014.

If you were to attend a twenty | one | pilots  performance and not know anything about  the band’s schizophrenic percussive hip-pop sound, there’s a good chance you will leave the show not only entertained, but also converted fan. While the duo are relative new comers, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun perform like seasoned pros.  From the impressive light show (including Dun’s LED lit drum riser) to the flips, jumps, drumming, pacing and beyond, it’s quite clear these fellas have put a lot of thought into their live show with enough action to keep those of you with severe attention deficit disorder focused.

twenty one pilots-jsp (19)Ski masked fans were antsy in anticipation at the Skyway Theater in Minneapolis, counting down the seconds to the start of the show. Dressed in matching blue suits and ski masks (one red, one black), the gentlemen took the stage to “Guns for Hands”. Crossing between singing and rapping, Tyler Joseph sang through his ski mask with a vocal styling contemporary to that of Mathew Bellamy (Muse) mixed with the hip-hop articulation of Eminem. Joseph was everywhere; singing across the stage, performing center stage on ukulele, pounding the keys of his piano, jumping off that piano, singing on top of the crowd, perched on top scaffolding; it was difficult not to get caught up in what might happen next. Not to be outdone, Josh Dun took time off his riser to perfor backflips and even crowd surfed the audience atop a portable drumkit and both men played atop the audience for the show closing “Trees.”

The Skyway Theater show was impressive from both a production standpoint and raw performance, but not without its faults.  Joseph’s canned “we’re not going to be cliche” twenty one pilots-jsp (27)tangents came off exactly that.  While both guys switched between instruments (Joseph particularly on piano, keyboard, ukulele and repeatedly joining Dun on percussion during songs like “Dual Drums”), they simply couldn’t cover the sphere of their album sounds and had to rely on backing instrumental tracks throughout the show.  This may be a critique in only a purists sense, as it did help drive the light show and keep the momentum going between songs.

Twenty | one | pilots  had the crowd in the palm of their hands from start to finish and kept them actively engaged, and singing loudly, throughout.  The momentum of the show moved well, the light show was top-notch, and to be quite honest, you’ll be hard pressed to find another act touring clubs with as impressive of a live show as twenty | one | pilots.

Guns for Hands twenty one pilots-jsp (21)
Ode To Sleep
Isle of Flightless Birds
Mad World 
Holding on to You
House of Gold 
The Run and Go 
Fake You Out 
Dual Drums
Car Radio 

twenty | one |pilots


2 thoughts on “Concert Review: twenty | one | pilots at the Skyway Theater in Minneapolis, MN. – April 17, 2014

  1. maddie

    these pictures bring me to tears.. it was such an amazing concert. Twenty one pilots fill me with hope, this concert was just what i needed 🙂

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