Concert Review: The Ting Tings and Kaneholler at Fine Line – Minneapolis, MN – April 3, 2015

Photos by Joe Stadele Photography.  Published by TWTHS, April 7, 2015

TingTings ©JoeStadelePhotography2015 (4)Neither The Ting Tings or Kaneholler were in the “Wrong Club” Friday night.  From the club thumping EDM to the positive vibes, both acts turned out a fun and lively performances that had the audience dancing at Fine Line Music Cafe in downtown Minneapolis.

The Ting Tings’ Katie White (vocals/guitar) and Jules De Martino (percussion/guitar) worked tirelessly to keep the energy high and the audience attention.  White was peppy and bursting with energy as she bounced around the stage singing each song with attitude, switching between guitar, a bass drum, cowbell and walking along the front of the crowd.  Jules multi-tasked as well as he provided percussion, guitar, vocals and shared time with the touring DJ triggering samples late in the set.  While general depth may be lacking in their music, The Ting Tings were a able to breathe life into their infectious pop songs and demonstrated an ability to maintain a great tempo from beginning to end.

The set built and fluctuated between jangly 70’s/80’s punk-funk-pop and hip-hop influenced EDM.  The thumping show-opener “Do It Again” transitioned fluidly into the jangly fan-favorite “Shut Up And Let Me Go.”  Relative oldies “Shut Up…,” “Great DJ” and “That’s Not My Name” were easy crowd favorites.  As the show progressed, the set became increasingly reliant on samples and pushing an EDM approach.  “Green Poison” transitioned from simple jangly guitars and percussion to sample heavy EDM. An extended “Hands” pushed the Fine Line into full rave mode.  After the buildup, The Ting Tings closed the night with a decisively stripped down rendition of title track, “Super Critical.”

Kaneholler ©JoeStadelePhotography2015 (9)Making their Minneapolis debut, Kaneholler worked their way into the crowds good graces one song-at-a-time; with a lively set filled with EDM and the soulful voice of Chelsea Tyler (daughter of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler).  Her partner in crime, Jon Foster provided a majority of the knob twisting beats but both took their time on the mic.  Like her father, Chelsea is a natural performer with a voice all her own; case in point, the show opening “Sinnamon,” a cover of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” which Tyler made all her own.  The duo had the entire audience dancing late in the set with show highlights “Paper Games” and “Evermore.”  By the closing song “A.S.N.Y.,” you had to believe Kanehollers’ “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” chorus.

The Ting Ting’s continue their North American tour through April, click here for tour information.






The Ting Tings Setlist
Do It Again
Shut Up And Let Me Go
Hang It Up
Great DJ
Give It Back
Fruit Machine
Only Love
That’s Not My Name
Wrong Club
Green Poison
Super Critical 


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