Concert Review: The Horrors and Clear Pioneer at the Rave club – Milwaukee – June 22, 2018

Published by JB on June 23, 2018

Let’s get ethereal!

It’s one of those few nights where you feel like rock and roll is dying.  Playing in front of a mediocre sized crowd that undermines a band with a sound larger than what they’re given credit for, it was a performance-by-numbers night for the Horrors.

Nevermind that that band is five albums tight, beginning in 2007, and that their sound has emerged into this cosmic mix of ethereal synth-glam-pop with a splash of goth in both their look and sound.  Their sound is edgy, pulsating and magnetic.  They don’t drop sappy ballads and they’ve stayed true to their core sound over the last four albums.

For their live show; lead singer Faris Badwan is absolutely bathed in darkness – avoiding light as if he’s steering clear of the security cameras in the place.   Swawying from side to side and dancing with the mic stand most of the set, his voice soars – complementing the tracks perfectly.

The crime here is that eleven years into their career the US crowds really stink.   A couple dozen fans at the gig are highly engaged, lip syncing and in fine Milwaukee fashion – working slowly into inebriation.   And then the other 80% are mostly casual head bobbers feeling pretty good about the $14 they spent to get in.   There’s mo mad rush to the front of the stage.   No thunderous applause for the band.   And this is a Friday night with no other bands are playing in the area.

The Horrors sound excellent; the cloud-walking opener ‘Hologram’ is the typically perfect Horror’s song.   It skims the surface, never seeming to land.   Kind of like this band has been over the past 11 years.

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