Concert Review: Taylor Swift & Vance Joy at the Xcel Energy Center – St. Paul, MN – September 13, 2015

Published by JB on September 14, 2015

Imagine a 2-hour version of the Super Bowl Halftime show, and what you have is the Taylor Swift extravaganza that dominated the St. Paul/Minneapolis music scene for 45,000 fans over a remarkable 3-day stretch.

Eschewing the me-ism and braggidocious attitude that the tired public gets repeatedly from the likes of Kanye West or Justine Bieber; Miss Swift relies on unrelenting positivity to connect with her audience.  Imagine that!  She’s a breath of fresh air in a pop culture era when more fresh air is needed.   There’s no gang signs flashed, no misogynist, misaligned hip-hop and no awkward guest appearances.   It’s simply Taylor Swift and large handful of men and women dressed in black behind her.

The show’s production is jaw-dropping.   From the high definition video feed that looks like it was borrowed from a football stadium scoreboard, to the amusing segues of Taylor’s friends talking on video (while she changes into costume #8 below the stage), the eye candy is non-stop.   From start to finish it’s a Broadway show and an over-the-top spectacle intended to amaze and impress the largely grade-school girls that dominated the decibels.   There shall be no 13 year-old girl disappointed.   If you ever wanted a pop star to help your daughter through the emotions of puberty, her name is thus Taylor!

With a career spanning run-through of monsters hits above the defeaning screams, the most compelling moment was halfway through the show when Swift (while standing on the hydraulic platform 20 feet above the crowd) showed a look of genuine awe at the unstoppable screams of adoration, that steadily increased in volume as Swift’s embarrassment became more apparent.   It was a moment when you could stare at Swift and make your determination if this was something she was getting simply used to every night on the tour, or something special for September 13th.  It appeared to be the latter.



One thought on “Concert Review: Taylor Swift & Vance Joy at the Xcel Energy Center – St. Paul, MN – September 13, 2015

  1. Dan

    Interesting review. She doesn’t speak to my demographic (56-year white male). But me what to see her. Kinda like I felt about reading the for Madonna’s concert reviews back in the 80s.

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