Concert Review: St. Vincent / Sondre Lerche at the House of Blues in Cleveland , OH. – September 30, 2014

Published by JB on October 3, 2014

I haven’t decided if St. Vincent is simply Annie Clark’s brilliant alter-ego, or if Annie Clark is just a sublime member of St. Vincent, the band.  What’s known for certain is that St. Vincent is the super-highway vehicle for what has become the powerhouse artist of 2014.   Shredding the guitar in ways seldom seen, becoming a mini-Metallica at times – and wrapping charismatic odd beauty around the entire adventure; Clark is blowing past the competition this year.  Remember that old saying about the Beatles?  The one where someone once said that the Beatles in the 60’s were holding an aquarium while everyone else was simply holding blue construction paper?   Welcome to Annie Clark’s aquarium.2014-09-30_StV_D7k-8746

There is simply nothing like her right now.  She’s not a woman of Rock.  She is Rock.  She’s the future of what we want our artists to be:  innovative, mind-blowing, authentic, magnetic, charismatic, vulnerable and stunning.   St. Vincent represents the potential dawn of a new era.  Like Pink Floyd in the early 70’s, the Clash in the late 70’s, Prince in the early 80’s, U2 in the early 90’s, Nirvana in the mid-90’s, Radiohead in the late-90’s and the White Stripes of the early 2000’s – St. Vincent is on the cusp of joining that company.   Her live show has been laying waste to theaters across the country.   She’s the unofficial, untitled lead singer of Nirvana and she’s the most exciting addition to our musical lives since Jack White (yeah, I’m probably missing a few names here).

At the House of Blues she’s like a caged animal; playing in a venue that is hideously too small for her talents and intimate enough to know this opportunity doesn’t come by often.  Using the crowd as a prop in her dominating performance she’s electrifying from the first few moments.  Playful, yet daring.  Crazy, yet completely sane.  Her eyes strike us all down.  Her guitar playing leaves us catatonic and jaw-dropped.   Watch her sing ‘Strange Mercy’ from her pink pedestal and you’ve realized that there is no place on the planet like this, right here, right now.  Where else would you rather be?


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