Concert review: Spoon / EMA at the State Theater – Minneapolis, MN – September 19, 2014

Published by JB on September 20, 2014

Why can’t I wake up and just be Britt Daniel?

One look into the eye of Britt Daniel as he stumbles through a few muffled, spoken words between songs during Friday night’s rock and roll crusade (and 2nd trip to Minneapolis in 4 monhts) at the State Theater and you can tell he’s just thinking, “talking sucks, which song is next?”.   While the only missing gap from the show is a tiny bit of in-between-song personality from the band, the 25-track (I didn’t count actually) career-spanning Spoon revue was once again as impeccable as their can’t-miss eight album catalog.   Why can’t every rock band be this good?

Of the three dozen or more bands that could lay claim as the greatest rock band in the world, Spoon quietly, and un-assumingly puts forth one hell of an entry card.  They aren’t U2, Radiohead, the Black Keys, Pearl Jam or the Foo Fighters.  Where each of those bands have laid an egg or two in their catalog, Spoon continues on their merry way with a teflon reputation.   They’re the great band that other great bands wish they could be – 100% of the time.   How many bands that are two decades into their career still deliver new, innovative (‘Inside Out’), catchy, sublime, funky rock (‘Do You’) like this?  Spoon destroys the myth of crowds chanting for the oldies.   Hell, the new songs off They Want My Soul are better than their masterpieces from seven years ago. How can this be??

Wielding his guitar for 80% of the show like it’s a natural third arm Daniel is the clear ringleader.  You’ll never see him on the list of rock’s greatest guitarists (he performs zero guitar solos even during a 2-hour show) but he utilizes the guitar riff as cleverly as the Rolling Stones once did.   In fact, the Stones and Spoon appear more and more symmetrical onstage everytime I see them.   Their blend of mildly eclectic, infectious, funky, danceable rock is timeless.   Good enough at least to warrant five songs over two ecstatic encores.

It doesn’t get much better than this.  Ga ga ga ga ga!


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