Concert Review: Sigur Rós at Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland – Kansas City, MO – October 12, 2016

Published by JB on October 19, 2016

Sigur Rós; filling the corners of our minds with notes we can’t possibly anticipate

Sigur Rós molds their music in shapes and sizes unbeknownst to even the most astute musical observer.   Behind the blinding falsetto, behind the thundering drums, behind the cascading crescendos and even behind their new trimmed down stage act – they remain a band that has no dsc_6091desire to build a song with a melody or riff that you can predict.

Where as modern pop or rock music often relies on that predictable next musical note to fill the anticipated groove in your mind, Sigur Ros searches for the far, vacant corners of your musical brain.   You learn their next note, or riff, only from the repetition of playing their music; not by logically piecing together the notes you believe should be there.   Just when you think a melodic hook is about to evolve they send you in a completely unrelated sonic direction.   By the time you adjust you’re back yet again, wondering where you just went.  A Sigur Rós concert (at a beautiful theater like the Arvest Theatre at the Midland in downtown Kansas City) is an amusement park of vibrations, tremors, flickering lights, elegance and careening sonics from front to back.

Sigur Rós is far too complex to be cliched as a band merely having a “trademark sound”.   They redefine all modern music.  Not only do they sound like no other contemporary rock band, they do so in a way that delicately transports your senses into another sphere.  You may not know what they’re singing about (unless you took Icelandic 101 in college) but you don’t need to.   Their instrumentation and song structure creates the jigsaw puzzle that very few bands even dare try and emulate.

Set 1
Ekki Múkk
Set 2
Ný Batterí

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