Concert Review: Oh Wonder / LANY – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN – June 3, 2016

Published by JB on June 4, 2016

Oh Wonder / LANY – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN – June 3, 2016

Indie love, happy melodies, smiles and adoring screams were in the air for the entire two hours for 1028 ticket holders at First Avenue.   Los Angeles-based heartthrob LANY brought out the shrieks and screams several minutes before the opening curtain even went up.   Paul Klein, the groups lead singer and the target of numerous roses from the ladies (and a few guys) on the rail danced, pranced, flirted and took every requested post-gig selfie possible.  Respect goes out to a man willing to meet EVERY fan that wanted his attention.   You have to admire the warm connection Klein presented everyone.  Musically, LANY was on target all night with all the right Mick Jagger-style moves and a rather splendid heating pad for the Oh Wonder main set.610_9419

Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, the London-based duo that makes up the Oh Wonder songwriting team was literally gushing at their initial First Avenue mainroom appearance.   Vander Gucht couldn’t stop smiling in between the songs and let out the requisite, “This is the best crowd ever!” about three songs into their 60 minute set.   And quite honestly she may have been right.   When you have 1000 fans bouncing around, knowing the lyrics to every song on your debut album and cheering wildly in between the tunes it’s uplifting for a young band that’s debuting in the mainroom of one of the top 3 or 4 rock venues in the United States.

Oh Wonder provides a tender set with Vander Gucht dancing to the light indie alt-pop songs.  They all sound almost the same, but yet just different enough to differentiate.  Her smiles, attractive melodies and magnetism even outshine the lady-killer Anthony West; who stays a little further back in the shadows throughout the night.  Together they’re the perfect couple; the perfect duo.  Somewhere in London eHarmony must have been working wonders with these two!  Their future songs will gain some muscle most likely with their next album and the live show will grow with it.   But they were an overwhelming surprise, clocking in at a near perfect hour.    Many good days ahead as this band crossovers further with better melodies and their model-like looks.


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