Concert review: Metric at the Fitzgerald Theater for WITS, St. Paul, MN – June 14, 2013

“After all of this is gone, who’d rather be?  The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?”

By Emily Haines, of Metric from ‘Gimme Sympathy’ on June 14, 2013 at the Fitzgerald Theater.


Published by Jeff Becker, June 15, 2013


In what many of the local faithful regarded as the ‘best’ WITS show of the 2013 season, Metric’s charisma nearly stole the comedic portion of show from comedian David Koechner.   Well, not quite but close enough.   On the musical stage, Metric was a pure delight, ruling the evening.   Where on record their acoustic versions don’t quite grab the untouchable fire of their grandiose pop versions, onstage they  sound inarguably infectious.   With four original tracks and two Lou Reed covers, Metric stole the stage in what was a fast-paced, exuberant gathering of comedy and music (aka: WITS).

Finding Metric outside their element provided a wonderful unique look into the coreDSC_3981_filteredMetric members, Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw – who both hail (and duly noted during the comedy skits) from Canada.   Jumping from skit to skit (Haines and Shaw were onstage for well over an hour) and a brief interview session that focused on Metric’s role in the indie world (and how they view that label today versus 15 years ago) Shaw and Haines breezed through the night with charismatic ease – displaying themselves as the perfect counterparts to Koechner in the wonderful WITS series.   WITS is quickly becoming one of the must-go-see events in St. Paul with its ability to create evenings unlike any other.  Metric performed four separate times, and six songs total – perfectly complementing the very upbeat tone of the downtown St. Paul evening.   WITS is doing something very contemporary and on the mark with this type of program and the beautiful, historic and acoustically wonderful Fitzgerald Theater (the oldest original theater in St. Paul) provides the perfect venue.   If one of your favorite bands is on the WITS headline banner in the seasons ahead, attendance is a must-have my friend.  No other program allows you to see the band both in their element and out of their element in a more engaging manner than this.


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