Concert Review: Lord Huron at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN – 01/28/2014

  • First Avenue
  • Opener: Night Moves
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • January 28, 2014
  • Photos and review by Joe Stadele for The Way That He Sings on January 30, 2014.

To the distorted loop drone of singer/songwriter Ben Schneider’s voice singing Lord Huron-241“I’ve seen your face,” Lord Huron left the First Avenue crowd the same way they took stage; with an air of curiosity and mystery. With only two EP’s and the excellent Lonesome Dreams, Lord Huron have carefully constructed an image as intricate as the music which supports it.

The band took stage as a thunderous sound rocked the ears of the First Avenue audience. To coo of Schneider’s layered vocals, the storm transitioned to the twinkling and uplifting “Ends of the Earth,” the introductory track to Lonesome Dreams and for many in the audience, an introduction to the Lord Huron sound. Schneider, alone, was double mic’d (one microphone for singing, one for effects), a drum, xylophone, plus his guitar. Bassist Miguel Briseno switched between bass, maracas, keys and running loops throughout the evening. As cheery as the bird chirps leading into “The Man Who Lives Forever,” the band members were smiling ear-to-ear and the energy was contagious.  “The Ghost On The Shore” and the catchy “Lonesome Dreams” grabbed big applause, while the audience sang along to the chorus of the romantic  “She Lit A Fire.”  The biggest rounds of applause were reserved for the end as the band went to their encore on a high note with the galloping “Time To Run.” 

Lord Huron-124-2Lord Huron’s layered instrumentation, inclusion of sound effects and chorused vocals have the same blissed and dreamy musicianship of kindred spirits Fleet Foxes and early My Morning Jacket, but with a Hawaiian tropic twist. The inclusion of the steel drum in songs like “Mighty” gave me simultaneous flashes of the Little Mermaid’s “Under The Sea” while waiting for someone to raise the Lion King cub, Simba, into the air. Light-hearted joking aside, Lord Huron’s use of the steel drum works incredibly as an element of a much larger sound.

Lord Huron-191All-in-all, the band had great stage presence, a flattering light show and a big contagious sound.  With many shows selling out quickly, now might be the best time to catch Lord Huron live before the inevitable switch to larger venues!


Lord Huron’s Setlist

  • Ends of the Earth
  • The Man Who Lives Forever
  • I Will Be Back One Day
  • We Went Wild
  • Mighty
  • The Ghost On The Shore
  • She Lit A Fire
  • Lonesome Dreams
  • The Problem With Your Daughter
  • Lullaby
  • Time To Run
  • Brother (Last Ride)
  • The Stranger

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