Concert review: Lissie at Icehouse – Minneapolis, MN – January 26, 2017

All photos courtesy Joe Stadele Photography.  All rights reserved.

While Minneapolis begins to welcome tens of thousands of football fanatics to the Cities for Superbowl LII, an intimate group of Lissie fans welcomed the singer-songwriter for a pair of sold-out performances at Icehouse. The Iowa-native debuted new songs from her forthcoming album, ‘Castles’ and tested the waters with her new band.

The new band sounded great considering Friday night was only their second full performance with Lissie. Lead guitarist Toni Lindgren was initially reserved in her playing, but a pair of solos in “Don’t You Give Up On Me” and “In Dreams” garnered audience praise and clearly won over Lissie. The band is rounded out with Luke Anderson on drums, bassist Megan Mahoney and keyboardist Dayton Brock (whom also contributed on guitar).

As evident in her catalog, two of Lissie’s greatest assets are her vocal hooks and phrasing. After Thursday and a 3-song set with 89.3 The Current, Lissie felt the strain on her vocals Friday night. “I’m probably just gonna sing until no sound escapes me” Lissie joked, “so if I can’t sing a note, you’re just going to have to sing it with me!” Even parched, the singer-songwriter vocals were impressive. “Oh Mississippi” was spot on. “Peace” was powerful and after a perfect vocal performance of “Blood and Muscle,” Lissie joked she had sung the song two keys higher Thursday night, but “it works in every key.” It certainly worked for the audience.

The performance was punctuated with a little surprise. After “Peace,” Lissie took a moment to quiet down the audience and re-direct attention to a concert-goer by the name of Amy. With Lissie’s cue, Amy got down on one knee and proposed to her girlfriend. Visibly stunned, it was clear the future bride said yes! Lissie thanked the couple for sharing their moment and without missing a beat, Lissie serenaded the couple with the beautiful “Everywhere I Go.”

“The Roadhouse [I mean, Icehouse] is proud to welcome Lissie!”
As a Twin Peaks enthusiast, I couldn’t help but find amusement in the curtains dangling behind Lissie and company. In fact, prior to the show, the stage curtains reflected in the upstairs windows which gave the illusion of concert-goers walking through the infamous Black Lodge curtains as they crossed the street to Icehouse. For those unaware, Lissie was invited by David Lynch to perform at the infamous Roadhouse for Twin Peaks: The Return. Watch Lissie’s rockin’ “Wild West” from Part 14 right here! 

Lissie’s new album, ‘Castles’ will be released March 23, 2018. Autographed and limited edition variations of ‘Castles’ can be ordered by clicking here.

Further Away
Oh Mississippi
When I’m Alone
Blood and Muscle
Best Days
Everywhere I Go

Don’t You Give Up On Me
In Dreams
Meet Me In The Mystery


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