Concert review: LCD Soundsystem at Roy Wilkins Auditorium – St. Paul, MN – November 9, 2017

All photos courtesy Joe Stadele Photography.  All rights reserved.

2017 has been an incredible year for music…and tours. With American Dream, not only did LCD Soundsystem come back with a vengeance, but they released their best top-to-bottom album to date and one of the best records of 2017. Lucky for Minneapolis/St. Paul, LCD Soundsystem included the Twin Cities on their trek. Despite the Roy Wilkins Auditoriums best efforts (and we can include US Bank Stadium to that list as well) to pollute the aural enjoyment of every concert that crosses its path, LCD Soundsystem were explosive Thursday night and sounded excellent.

So You Wanted A Hit…
One of the biggest takeaways from LCD Soundsystem’s performance was the musicianship and onslaught of hits; hits played by REAL musicians using REAL instruments. With a glass of wine in hand, James Murphy and company transformed the Roy into a rave-like atmosphere. American Dream’s “Oh Baby” served as a warm-up for what felt like a “Best of LCD Soundsystem” performance. While the band only sprinkled in 5 American Dream songs into the set, new tracks like “Call The Police” and “Tonite” fit perfectly among “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House,” “I Can Change” and “Someone Great.”

LCD Soundsystem sounded incredible in a venue that has plagued bands and audiences with terrible acoustics. From Pat Mahoney’s monstrous percussion to Al Doyle’s wall of guitar feedback to Rayna Russom and Nancy Whang’s synth grooves, the band reproduced each song live with near perfection. Murphy’s voice was also in top form throughout. Paired with an excellent light show, you couldn’t ask for much. The band even closed out the main set with a cover of Chic’s “I Want Your Love” featuring Nancy Whang on vocals.

With American Dream, LCD proved exactly why they should still be part of the conversation. At the Roy, LCD Soundsystem proved their musicianship and power as a live act. In an atmosphere where pop and hip-hop are dominated by pre-recorded beats and lip syncing performers, LCD Soundsystem rank among the rock acts who still know to play an instrument.



Oh Baby
Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
I Can Change
Call The Police
Get Innocuous!
You Wanted a Hit
Someone Great
Change Yr Mind
I Want Your Love (Chic cover/Nancy Whang on vocals)
New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

Emotional Haircut
Dance Yrself Clean
All My Friends



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