Concert review: Jukebox the Ghost, Savoir Adore and Now, Now at the 7th St. Entry – Minneapolis, MN – July 9, 2012

Jukebox the Ghost, Savoir Adore and Now, Now at the 7th St. Entry – Minneapolis, MN – July 9, 2012


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Jukebox The Ghost’s third trip to Minnesota brought them once again to a sold out crowd in the Midwest’s best venue.  Last January JTG opened for Jack’s Mannequin in the main room, winning over many in the crowd.  This time around, they played the smaller 7th StreetEntry in front of a vibrant and enthusiastic crowd. 

Openers Now, Now and Savoir Adore (note from photographer Jeff:  Loved your set!)  had fans primed and ready to go.  When Jukebox The Ghost finally hit the stage at 10:30, fans were ready for a sing-along and JTG was ready to lead it.  They opened with ‘Adulthood’ from their newest release Safe Travels and while no one may survive adulthood, you can certainly enjoy the hell out of it while you can.  The night continued on with a variety of songs across all three albums, hitting fan favorites from Everything Under the Sun and Live & Let Ghosts 

Jukebox The Ghost is able to differentiate themselves from other piano driven rock bands like Ben Folds and Jack’s Mannequin by having two competent vocalists.  By having more than one creative force in the group, JTG is able to make a wider array of songs to capture a listener’s attention.  A highlight of their style is to make a serious topic sound so happy and light.  A perfect example of this is the song ‘Emily’ – a song about a failed relationship and saying sorry, that you can’t help but like.  Well, maybe you don’t like it if you’re Emily, but I certainly do. 

Witty banter passed back and forth from Ben & Tommy throughout the night.  Remarks of how you should name your daughter “Gertrude” so that she won’t have a song written about her.  The entire evening was light-hearted and lively.   Ben Thornewill’s fingers move faster on his keyboards than hummingbird’s wings, and Tommy Siegel won me over with his acoustic ‘Man in the Moon’.   The four hours were well spent in the 7th Street Entry and I’m sure Minneapolis will be eagerly awaiting the next performance.

–Tracie T

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