Concert review: Jenny Lewis / Apache Relay at First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN – August 3, 2014

Published by JB on August 4th, 2014

Jenny Lewis provided a dazzling, wonderful, 90-minute display of sun-dripped pop and rock from her fantastic new album Voyager, along with select tracks from her stellar Rilo Kiley catalog.   The only difficulty she had was avoiding20140803_JenLewis_D7k212 the annoying baloons that a few members of the audience seemed to be enamored with.   Fans continued to volley the baloons around the venue even after Lewis had to stop one acoustic rendition in its tracks because a baloon popped at her feet.   C'mon baloon-loving people!!   You want to play with baloons?? – go to a Birthday party!!   But please don't distract one of the pre-eminent performers of our generation.  Geesh.

Digressing rapidly away from the baloon invasion, Lewis was nearly electrifying.  She had a stage presence that exuded total ease along with a true sign of humility at the outpouring from the crowd at the very first chords of the her new hit, "Just One of the Guys".  Lewis was dominant, looking sexy in her fitted top and tight white pants but equally obscured with the robe-like jacket she adorned along with the 1970's haircut she's currently rocking.   Her voice continues, at times, to have a school girl charm about it.  You can't tell if the woman is a mature 38-year old rock star or an 18-year old phenom.  Either way, it glistens with exuberance.  Her voice was unwavering as she moved from side to side of the stage – wielding one of her guitars for the majority of the set.

It also doesn't hurt to have a list of jam-packed catchy hits at your disposal.   Borrowing heavily from her new album (already listed as one of 2014's best) and her prime Rilo Kiley days, Lewis seldom encountered a dip in momentum. Slow jams, SoCal pop and breezy guitar work filled every second of the 90+ minutes.   Lewis, despite trekking from Chicago the night before showed no ill effects of the quick turnaround.   On a night she held Minneapolis in the palm of her hand, she served notice that a 6-year absence from the solo and Rilo Kiley ranks was not long enough for us to forget how great she is.  Indeed so.  


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