Concert Review: Hinds and Goodbye Honolulu at the 7th St Entry – Minneapolis, MN – May 16, 2018

Published by JB on May 18, 2018

Advertised as a garage rock band, a quick listen to Hind's sophomore album in a live setting quickly swerves you over to the arena of jangly, indie pop.   Vascillating back and forth between a more raw pop sound (i.e., Alvvays) they ultimately sound like a lovely counterpart to the early Shins records.   Or more simply put perhaps they're the latest reincarnation for Camera Obscura fans to fall in love with.  Their talent fills the stage.

Looking like they walked straight onto the stage from their high school prom (minus the dress!), the Madrid band has a freakishly loyal US following.  Hinds is reason #17,659 why the interwebs can help young bands build a fan base.  Every song was a sing-a-long; every person in the audience looked like a bobblehead doll for 75 minutes.

The 85% female crowd at the sold out 7th St Entry (the adjacent club to the Purple Rain institution, First Avenue) was downright raccous, from the first note.   A low hanging ceiling is the only thing that apparently kept the band remaining onstage and away from the temptation to crowd surf.  Eye-candy lead singers (and guitarists) Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote shared as many smiles as they did melodies throughout the 75 minute set.  Musically, Hinds has a great deal going for them.   The jangly pop of 'Linda', 'Soberland', and 'The Club' have simple arrangements yet are both infectiously catchy.   With the looks, charisma and stage presence captured by the four young ladies it's likely only a matter of time before they're opening for bigger bands (like the aformentioned Shins) or headlining venues that fit 1500 instead of 250.  Now two records into their career, including the very crafty sophomore release I Don't Run, Hinds has just the right sound to match their look.



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