Concert Review: Glass Animals with Pumarosa at Myth – Maplewood, MN – October 7, 2016

glass-animals-joestadelephotography-128All photos courtesy Joe Stadele Photography.  All rights reserved.

Glass Animals’ “Life Itself” may go down as one of the most peculiarly infectiousness songs of 2016.  Their new album, How To Be A Human Beings, is exactly what fans could hope for out of a sophomore follow-up.  It doesn’t repeat and builds off 2014’s Zaba in an unexpected fashion; catchy, at times whimsical and ultimately addicting.  Bringing both albums to life, Glass Animals and openers Pumarosa offered a one-two punch of awesomeness to music fans Friday night at the Myth in Maplewood, Minnesota.

glass-animals-joestadelephotography-120After an elevated performance by Pumarosa (see below), Glass Animals wasted little time giving the audience exactly what they wanted.  Performing in front of cacti, pineapples and a set doused in orange, the band opened the show with current singles “Life Itself” and “Youth,” followed the smooth R&B of “Black Mambo” and “Hazy.”  Lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Bayley worked the audience all night long; going out into the audience on several occasions, including the surprise encore cover of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown.”  It was great to see a band having so much fun on stage before an audience who ate up every last note.  Drew MacFarlane took breaks from the keys to join Dave on stage, grooving on guitars; same with Edmund Irwin-Singer who played double-duty on bass and keys.  Having only two albums under their belt, Glass Animals set was a hit-after-hit performance from beginning to end.


pumarosa-joestadelephotography-117While Glass Animals were the main event, Pumarosa exemplify why music fans should arrive in time to experience the opening acts.  Dramatic, lively, catchy and confident, Pumarosa had the audience dancing as they entered the building.  Isabel and company’s set extended far beyond the four released on their September EP.  Pushing over 6 minutes, “Priestess” is instantly catchy without regard for song length.  Songs like “Honey” and “Cecile” perfect compliments; while “Red” and “Lion’s Den” offer some loose, energetic free-flow jam.  Mark my words, Pumarosa are a band to watch.  I, for one, left a fan.

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Glass Animals’ Setlist
Intro (Premade Sandwiches)
Life Itself
Black Mambo
Season 2 Episiode 3
Poplar St
The Other Side of Paradise
Take A Slice

Cocoa Hooves
Cane Shuga
Love Lockdown (Kanye West Cover)
Pork Soda

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