Concert review: Foster the People at The Myth – Maplewood, MN – August 4, 2014

Published by Joe Stadele for The Way That He Sings; August 8th, 2014
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"Minneapolis…St. Paul, I’ve always enjoyed playing here. You are a true music city," exclaimed Mark Foster to the applause of Foster The People's rabid Twin Cities fanbase.  Foster clearly preferred to let the music do the talking as he led Foster The People through a high energy, 90-minute set of radio friendly songs pulled from their latest album, Supermodel (2014) and 2011's Torches

There seemed to be two kinds of Foster the People performing at the Myth…high energy or low energy.  The guys exceeded swellingly during the uptempo numbers (ie. "Helena Beat"/"Coming of Age"/"Pumped Up Kicks"), but slower numbers (ie. "Goats in Trees") were welcomed with some collective yawns (namely, among men in the audience) late in the set. The band kicked off the show with an energetic "Best Friend" then moved into material heavily comprised of 2011's Torches.  The electronic noodling of "Life on the Nickel" and "Miss You" were fun to watch as the men gathered around the drums (at times on both sides of the stage) to tweek knobs and smash symbols. While there is no mistaking the band has the capacity to keep the audience on their feet, something felt missing when Mark Foster addressed the crowd (ie. discussion regarding music being a universal language, it's Monday night and you are here). While I do not doubt his sincerity, it felt generic.

Foster The People Myth ©JoeStadelePhotography (24)Setwise, Foster The People were an interesting pastiche of influences and presentation. The band utilized the extent of The  Myth stage which resempled Superman's Fortress of Solitude with it's upward pointing icicle shaped lighting. (Perhaps the stage is Mark Foster's metaphorical place of solitude?) Foster made the stage his home as he spun in his John Travolta-throwback leather jacket, Michael Jackson-ish dance moves (complete with penny loafers) and sang to the sound of what could be mistaken as 21st century Bee Gees.  None of which are bad things…the band has a knack for hooks and displayed their technical know how throughout the show; switching between guitars, keys and percussion.   


Show openers, NoNoNo displayed a lot of promise during their set. There was a noticable shift in the Swedes confidence over their March 2014 opening stint with The Neighborhood. Lead vocalist Stina Wäppling had a strong and slinky stage presence and the band were musically tight as they performed tracks off their debut album, "We Are Only What We Feel." Stylistically, NoNoNo were a complimentary opener for Foster the People.

You'll have plenty of opportunities see to Foster the People on the road in 2014 as the guys will be touring the US through November:  Click here for tour dates.  

Foster The People Myth ©JoeStadelePhotography (2)


Best Friend
Life on the Nickel
Helena Beat
Coming of Age
Goats in Trees
Pseudologia Fantastica
I Would Do Anything For You
Call It What You Want
Are You What You Want To Be?
A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying The Moon
The Truth
Miss You

Pumped Up Kicks
Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)


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