Concert Review: FKA Twigs & Prince in Minneapolis, Nov 14-15, 2014

Photos and review by Joe Stadele for TWTHS, Nov. 16 2014

While a slew of major acts, including Garth Brooks, Motley Crue and Interpol played neighboring clubs/arenas in Minneapolis, it was FKA Twigs who proved to be the standout musical act of the weekend.  While not as well known, Twigs had the backing of another “FKA Artist.”

FKA Twigs ©JoeStadelePhotography (2)FKA (Formerly Known As) Twigs had sold out the Fine Line Music Cafe well in advance of her stunning Nov. 4th performance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Even before she took stage, Twigs’ show felt shrouded in mystery and the passing thought of Prince crossed my mind.  Namely, how long might it be before Prince takes notice of the British talent.  In typical Prince fashion, he was one step ahead of everyone, having invited her for an encore performance at his very own Paisley Park in Chanhassen, MN the following evening.  More on that shortly.

FKA Twigs’ Friday night performance was 60+ minutes of pure seduction.  The haunting siren call of “Preface” played as Twigs took the stage; decked out in orange light bulbs, strobes and black vinyl floor mat which Twigs would use every inch of as she sang, danced and contorted her body.  In a sheer shawl, gold-plated, dominatrix-style choker and stiletto combat boots, she contorted slowly as strobes revealed her during “Ache,” with a full reveal to follow during the aptly titled “Lights On.”

FKA Twigs ©JoeStadelePhotography (3)Twigs moved slinkely across the stage, playing with the audience.  While it may have went unnoticed anywhere but in the front row, Twigs crouched down and held the face of a young woman during the slow-burning seduction of “Hide.”  Twigs placed her left hand on the young woman’s face as she gazed directly into the girls eyes as she sang the song to the audience of one.  When the girl tried to put her arms in the air to sway along with the tick-tock percussion, Twigs gently yet diligently grabbed her arms in a commanding fashion and pushed them down; then held the woman’s face, pressing on her lips, leaving both the fan and her surrounding friends in awe.

Twigs was constantly in motion, while her bandmates remained stationed behind their instruments; triggering samples and adding keys,  bass and guitar to the trip-hop sound.  The bassist inched towards Twigs centerstage during “Video Girl” and the call for relationship clarification, “Papi Pacify,” transformed into a near dance of self-intimacy.  By the time Twigs moved into “Two Weeks,” the entire room singing along.  While there wasn’t an encore, perhaps that was saved for the even bigger show on Saturday night (11/15).

FKA Twigs ©JoeStadelePhotography (4)Post-show flyers circulated the venue revealing FKA Twigs was to perform at Prince’s Paisley Park Studio in Chanhassen, MN the following night.  While photography was not allowed, 24-hours later, approximately 200+ fans arrived at 55,000 square foot Paisley Park in wonder of what the night may present.  Fans were led into a large room in which “Finding Nemo” was playing on the screen behind the stage.  Sightings of Prince were reported but the legend remained in the shadows…until after Twigs performance.  Just past 11pm, Twigs took stage to perform a near identical set.  During her performance, 3rd Eye Girl bandmates Hannah Ford Welton and Ida Nielsen quietly entered through a sidestage door adding promise to what had already been hinted at.  Late in the set, fans’ curiosity was pushed further as Twigs glanced up to the balcony, smirked and thanked a “special someone” for inviting her to perform.  Post set, Twigs and company walked up a stairway in which the silhouetted Purple Wonder could be seen shaking each of their hands.

With that, Prince came down the stairs as large side-stage door opened, revealing Paisley’s mainroom, with fullstage set with Prince’s symbol hanging from the microphone besides his Gibson SG,  3rdEyeGirls Instruments lined behind and candles adding nuance to the dance-club like lights moving throughout.  After approx. 15 minutes of remixed Prince tunes, Prince and 3rdEyeGirl got the party started with an extended version of “Let’s Go Crazy.”  The band then left the stage, only to return approx. 20 minutes later and performed “PlectrumElectrum” and “Play That Funky Music White Boy.”  Dance music including songs from Outkast and Nicki Minaj played over the PA for over an hour.  At approximately 2:15am, Prince and 3rdEyeGirl retook the stage for an onslaught of songs including “Take Me With You,” “When Doves Cry” and “Kiss.” During “Kiss,” Prince asked the audience if anyone wanted to dance and Twigs suddenly appeared center stage in compliance as she unleashed into dance until the lights went down during “Hot Thing.”  While Twigs didn’t sing onstage, both her and Prince left fans with a memorable night, and weekend, to say the least.  

Did you attend either show?  Tell us about your experience below.

FKA Twigs Setlist
Lights On
Give Up
Water Me
Video Girl
Papi Pacify
Two Weeks
How’s That

Prince + Third Eye Girl Setlist
Let’s Go Crazy [Extended]
Play That Funky Music White Boy
Take Me With You
I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man
When Doves Cry
Sign of the Times
Hot Thing
House Quake [Extended]



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    To provide honest feedback Twigs did not sing live and her “act” was an illusion with pre-recorded synched in music and vocal tracks. The sound technicians were the true show who were the wizards behind her “show”

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