Concert Review: First Aid Kit at The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN. – June 3, 2014

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Mixing the perfect blend of charisma, looks, songwriting, musicianship along with youthful energy; Sweden’s First Aid Kit breezed through a beautiful 75-minute set from their three albums – punctuated with brand new material from their upcoming release Stay Gold.

With looks that make it look like they’re only 3 days away from their high school senior prom, both Johanna and Klara Söderberg are basking in that timeframe of their career20140603_FAKit_D7k114 that is typically short and elusive for thousands of their peers before them; they’re in their prime and putting out wonderful new music early and often.   Their sound will probably always stay true (or gold) to the country-folk pop blend they have now but integrating songs (‘My Silver Lining‘) that harken back to ABBA’s heyday only heighten their standing and intrigue.   Slowly but surely First Aid Kit opens up more doors with great new songs – thus the advantage of making new music in their prime.

Onstage they remain largely stationary, glued to their instrument and microphone.  By doing so we remind ourselves that not every performer needs to prance across the stage ripping off a guitar solo or throwing their fists defiantly into the air.   There’s a place and time for the serenity that First Aid Kit successfully brings to the stage.  Their melodies are simple, yet different and they’re not ripping off the great artists they admire – but instead merely honoring them.  The few times that the Söderberg sisters stand next to each other onstage are brief, but in doing so they provide the obvious crowd highlights – whether it be doing a Bob Dylan cover, or a no-microphone acoustic sing-along.  They’re magnetic and maturing into a drop-dead perfect folk-pop indie band.   I’ll predict that in the next decade the sisters will be collaborating with some of the greatest artists of this generation (i.e., M. Ward, Jeff Tweedy, Jim James, Tracyanne Campbell).   Time will tell.   Until then there’s no band in their prime anymore than First Aid Kit is in 2014.



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