Concert Review: Eliot Sumner at Skyway Theatre – Minneapolis, MN – October 4, 2016

eliot-sumner-joestadelephotography2016-102All photos courtesy Joe Stadele Photography.  All rights reserved.

Let’s just get the comparisons out of the way.  Eliot Sumner not only resembles her father, Sting, but you can also hear him in her deep vocals ; his influence in her sense of phrasing and melody.  Did I mention she also plays bass?  Yet, Sumner has managed to build on those influences and develop into a talent all her own.  Coming off Austin City Limits, Sumner returned to Minneapolis for a second performance in support of her futurist rocking debut, Information.

Dressed in a ZZ Top shirt and baggy shorts, it took a few songs for Eliot and her bandmates to catch their groove.  With a few pulls of her Stella Artois and an incredible audience response, the band seemed to catch their groove by “Firewood.”   The poppy “After Dark” and galloping rock of “Halfway to Hell,” they had everyone in the room swaying, dancing and singing.  eliot-sumner-joestadelephotography2016-107In fact, one good measure of an audience response is to watch them “sing” along too new song rarely performed.  So was the case as a few concert goers could be seen trying to mimic the words back to Sumner as her band performed new songs “Rythmn” and “Time Waster/The Future” (title unconfirmed).  Sumner was at her most confident during the second
half of the set.  “Come Friday” felt damn-near optimistic; “Information” uplifting.  Closing out the show, the houselights went dark as Eliot put the bass down for the EDM finale of “Species.”

As the audience chanted for “one more song,” Eliot Sumner let her intended set do the talking before Frank Sinatra serenaded the audience out of the building.  Eliot continues with select dates in the United States through October 14.  Follow the latest tour dates here.

Eliot Sumner Setlist
Dead Arms & Dead Legs
eliot-sumner-joestadelephotography2016-105I Followed You Home
Let My Love Lie on Your Life

After Dark
Halfway to Hell (galloping)
(new song)
Time Waster/Future (new song/unconfirmed title)
Come Friday




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