Concert Review: Blouse and the Dum Dum Girls at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis , MN. – April 1, 2014

Vixens and their Axes

  • Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN.
  • April 1, 2014
  • Published by JB on April 2, 2014.

There was no lack of talented girl-power Tuesday night at the Triple Rock Social Club – located just on the outskirts of downtown Minneapolis.  Portland-based Blouse (does anyone in the northeast do anything other than make great music?) took a stranglehold of 2014-04-01_Blouse_&_DDGs_TRockSocial_D6h-48their opportunity to tour with the Dum Dum Girls by opening with an elongated, but wonderful, 50-minute opening set – nearly as long as the headliners.   Drawing from their two album catalog (formed in 2011), lead girl Charlie Hilton blasts away with a far less overt method of sexuality than Dee Dee Penny, but she’s still right up her alley on that guitar.   With a no-keyboards-allowed garage band feel, Blouse were magnetic despite a smile-less and business-like approach to their set.  They’re also more impressive than 99.7% of most opening bands you’ll ever see in a 400 capacity venue.  To make matters somewhat confounding and mildly head-scratching, they didn’t even play the catchiest track (‘In a Feeling Like This’) off their new album (Imperium).  OK, next time, please do that.

Blouse set the stage (and nearly every set of eager eyes in the venue) on the quadruple-threat that the Dum Dum Girls has kept in tact for over two years now.  With an increasingly impressive catalog at her disposal and flanked to her left by the immensely talented bassist, Malia James – it was an early evening version of vixens with their axes.   Playing the part, looking the part, and sounding the part have never been a problem with the Dum Dum Girls.  Getting ready to bust out a country and western cover doesn’t seem to be on their horizon anytime soon.   And that’s good for us.   The best material of the 2014-04-01_Blouse_&_DDGs_TRockSocial_D6h-272night came during the second half of their set and dug deep into their new album Too True.   Sounding like Joan Jett one minute while maneuvering around the stage with cat-like skills (in a skin-tight outfit that looks like it actually came from a  recent Batman movie) Dee Dee dominates the stage.  As her vocal stylings evolve and improve, so do the compositions.   She hits her mark when the melody and groove overshadows the spectacle and show.   Tracks like ‘Lost Boys and Girls Club’, ‘Lord Knows’ (from the sublime EP, End of Daze), ‘Under these Hands’ and ‘Are You Okay’ were a tiny, musical tour de force that paved the way for perhaps the best $15 of entertainment thus far in Minneapolis for 2014.   If the next Dum Dum Girls album can continue to work more into the more melodic, pop side of Dee Dee’s compositions it will do wonders for their catalog.   That never means having to turn down the amps.


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