Concert review: Beach House & Poor Moon at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN – October 9, 2012

Concert review: Beach House & Poor Moon at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN – October 9, 2012

Published by Jeff Becker, October 11, 2012


Wild, Better Times, Walk in the Park, Norway, Other People, Lazuli, Gila, Equal Mind, Silver Soul, The Hours, New Year, Zebra, Wishes, Turtle Island, Myth.  Encore: 10 Mile Stereo, Irene


Beach House has become the freight train of dream pop in 2012.  Selling out First Avenue in Minneapolis is no feat to be ignored – and for a band like this, doing so is tangible evidence of the Mazzy Star-like following that Beach House is building (no pun).  French-born Victoria LeGrand and Baltimore’s Alex Scally are two-thirds of the onstage triumvirate and the stage they share is merely a portal to the buoyant wall of sound they create.   There is no stage prancing, no guitar solos, minimal chit-chat and plenty of pastel lights.  LeGrand is the dreamy pop version of the nearly incomparable Florence Welch, and in this instance, comparison is indeed warranted.  Hiding deep behind either her microphone or long hair (and usually both), LeGrand belts away into the microphone with that rare voice that can carry a show nearly with the same ease as Welch.

Complete with the mesmerizing slow motion light show as a backdrop – the show, predictably, digs deeply into their last two releases; the wonderful Bloom and 2010’s Teen Dream.  And for good reason – Bloom is one of the finest front to back albums of 2012.   One of the rarities that lived up to the pre-release hype and once again, evokes the perfection previously found by, once again, Mazzy Star.   And dream pop is difficult.  It’s that brand of indie that attempts to move the listener to that thin line just above the clouds rather than evolving into a swirling mess of bad-imitation shoegaze.   LeGrand and Scally pull off the trick and have emerged as one of the (if not the most) celebrated dream pop band floating around right now.  Bloom is a tour de force of an album and is the glue for the live show in between the carefully selected catalog picks.


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