Concert review: Beach House & Papercuts at The Palace – St Paul – August 17, 2018

It’s not that they’re the best dream pop band right now; but are they the greatest dream pop band in history?

Mashing together the indecipherable beauty of the Cocteau Twins, the chaotic guitar wizardry of My Bloody Valentine and the pop songwriting prowess of Slowdive; Beach House is becoming the band with the most anticipated new music in all of indie pop.   In a live setting they’re altogether gorgeous; blistering away at our old ideas of music majesty with their respective mysterious silhouettes unleashing such sonic perfection.  How on this earth did they get THIS good?

To be honest, no one really saw this coming.   When 2010 hit, their albums were picking up steam, and then we all heard ‘Myth’ on the radio and it shifted the band up to the top shelf.   Since then we’ve absorbed the sonic wonderwall of Bloom, Depression Cherry, Thank Your Lucky Stars and 7.   Not a clunker in the bunch and the live show just keeps rising to the test.   Scally and Legrand have taken the band from our cars and headphones and into the next stratosphere.   We are witnessing a band in its true prime.   This is the Beatles of 1968, the Rolling Stones of 1972, U2 of 1991 – it doesn’t matter, take your pick.   We are witnessing greatness at its peak.   They aren’t simply defining their niche.  They are the niche.  They are so far ahead of the competition that 2nd place might as well be 87th place.

And for this listener’s ears, the Depression Cherry (‘Space Song’, ‘Sparks’, ‘Beyond Love’) tracks carried the show.  Older material, normally the staple of any band’s shows, was simply received with normal exuberance – not the breathtaking scale to which the 2015 albums were played out.   And the one exception that blew me away by surprise was the conclusion of the ethereal ‘Lemon Glow’ with Legrand rocking herself out at the end – almost atypical from her stoic, mysterious presence.

Simply awesome.


Black Car (Levitation on same line but not played)
Silver Soul
Dark Spring
Beyond Love
Space Song
The Traveller
Drunk in LA
(The Hours and Master of None on same line but not played)
Pay No Mind
10 Mile Stereo (Real Love on same line but not played)
Lemon Glow


Myth and Dive

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