Our 5 favorite never-before-seen concert photos of 2015

Published by JB on January 31, 2016 Our 5 favorite never-before-seen concert photos of 2015.  Click any pic to enlarge and b

TWTHS Top Five Albums of 2015

Published by Jeffrey Becker Sometimes two albums is better than one!! TWTHS Top Five Albums of 2015 Honorable Mention: Noel G

TWTHS Top Ten Albums of 2014

Published December 31, 2014, published by Joe Stadele and Jeff Becker   2014 may have been the best year in music in 20 years

The Year in Live Music Photography – 2013

Published January 12, 2014 by JB and Joe Stadele   Three music photographers provide their best (or favorite) photos of 2013

Top 10 albums of 2013

Published December 25, 2013 by Jeff Becker and Joe Stadele   Our trip down memory lane in 2013 started early in the year with

Opinion: Pandora and Spotify – 10 things I think I know and how they impact the music industry

Opinion: Pandora and Spotify – 10 things I think I know and how they impact the music industry Published by JB on August

Opinion: 3 live music photographers square off on the Top 10 live bands in rock and pop

Joe Stadele vs Sylvia Borgo vs Jeff Becker Published July 23, 2013 by JB Criteria: We’ve had to have seen them live personal

Opinion: Whatever happened to Death Cab For Cutie?

Opinion:  Whatever happened to Death Cab For Cutie? Published February 19, 2013 by Jeff Becker Where did it all go wrong? The

Top 10 Albums of 2012

Top 10 Albums of 2012 Published January 13, 2013 by Jeff Becker Honorable Mention.  Passion Pit – Gossamer Over-hyped b

The most overlooked albums and artists of the year

Or, quite frankly, the best albums and artists that you may not know about.   (2012)  Loquat – We Could Be Arsonis

10 reasons why the Beatles were the greatest band ever

10 reasons why the Beatles were the greatest band ever published: August 20, 2012 Jeff Becker 1) They released 13 quality albu

10 of the most disappointing albums of all time

published: July 21, 2012 Rule #1:  In order to have the power and ability to disappoint, that implies you must have at one ti

Opinion: Spotify vs iTunes vs file-sharing vs Emily White and the ethical battle over music ownership

Published July 15, 2012 by Jeff Becker Where do we think the future of the music business will go? This opinion piece piggybac

Opinion: The Radiohead stage collapse in Toronto and its impact

published:  June 17, 2012 So where does Radiohead and the concert industry go from here? Everyone knows the facts now:  One

Opinion: 5 things the Black Keys need to do now

Published: June 14, 2012 It’s really hard to not like the Black Keys. In some ways, our hearts just go out to them.  Th

Opinion: Rolling Stone’s ridiculous love affair with Bruce Springsteen

Published:  June 9, 2012 by Jeff Becker If we ever needed evidence of why major US music publications lag far behind their UK

Opinion: Who’s the most important band since the Beatles?

Answer:  Radiohead Published  by Jeff Becker   The case for Radiohead as the most important rock band since the Beatles (an

Opinion: Why people hate Coldplay

The 10 Worst Bands. Ever.

Who grabs the #1 spot?   Bon Jovi? The Eagles? Britney?Nickelback? Nope, but you’re getting warmer.   The easy p

The Top 15 Albums of All Time


Top 10 Albums of 2011

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