Big news of the Day – May 9, 2012: Did Sony bungle the My Bloody Valentine reissues?

Oh, say it isn’t so?!

As we have anxiously known for weeks, Sony is finally releasing for the first time, two different remastered versions of the same 11 tracks from the landmark My Bloody Valentine release, Loveless.   According to an in-depth EQ analysis by The Power of Independent Trucking [via Slicing Up Eyeballs], Sony has mislabeled the discs for the Loveless release.

Well, either the labels are marked wrong, or the discs are marked wrong – it just depends how you choose to look at it.   Either way, an error appears to have been made.   While the releases are admittedly geared towards new fans, audiophiles and completists – if true, this is a major blunder on the part of Sony.
Disc one was supposed to feature a new remastering from the original tape, while disc two was meant to contain a version previously created (but unreleased) by My Bloody Valentine leader Kevin Shields using original 1/2 inch analogue tapes.   While both versions sound remarkably similar, audiophiles were quick to raise the flag.    Release dates for North America have yet to be announced (and this blunder certainly won’t speed that process up).    Thus far, Sony has declined comment.



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