Big News Of The Day – May 30, 2012: Stream the new Metric album: Synthetica

It’s getting just better and better with each listen.  Like little pennies from heaven you can now stream all 11 lush, pop-filled tracks of the new Metric album Synthetica by clicking on the album cover below.   Album release date is set for June 12.   You can preorder the album by clicking here.

From the Metric website:

Yesterday we launched Synthetica Hide+Seek, an interactive scavenger hunt that allows you to unlock a full stream of our fifth, full-length studio album, Synthetica, two weeks prior to the album’s US release on June 12th!

You can join the game and put the pieces together here…
The clues might appear anywhere and everywhere along the information super highway – from your favorite music blog to your dentist’s website.
Keep your eyes peeled on our FacebookTwitter, and forum to collaborate.
Happy hunting!
xoxo metriclovesyou

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