Big News Of The Day – May 22, 2012: Rare Beatles photo sells today for $25,000+

…and it’s not even autographed!!   A rare photo (shown below) taken by Iain Macmillan from the Beatles Abbey Road photo session sold for over $25,000 today at the Bloomsbury Auction House.   Bidding began at $9500 and in less than one minute $25,000 was reached.  Quite amazing frankly for a single image of a group of which thousands and thousands of photographs already exist. I could understand the high price if it showed something rare like Lee Harvey Oswald in the grassy knoll, or Bigfoot having a picnic with the Misses, but no –

instead it’s just the 4 Liverpool gents walking the opposite direction than originally shown on the album cover. With Paul wearing sandals (he’s barefoot on the Abbey Road cover) and taking a smoke break during his walk back (he held a cigarette in the original)  I guess real history is truly being made here.   Hmmm, ok.   But $25,000??   Really?   For that price shouldn’t this be the first actual photo of the Titanic sinking or President Lincoln entering the Ford Theater?   Nope, just photograph #78,617 of the Beatles.   Forty-two years later and they’re still the most compelling force of nature in the pop culture universe.  Amazing.


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