Big News Of The Day – May 21, 2012: Jack White and Beach House – Blunderbuss and Bloom are THE vinyl finds of 2012!

Quiz time.   What do Jack White and Beach House both have in common?     Well, a lot.  Not only do they both have outstanding new albums on our local record store shelves (isn’t it cool when hyped albums live up to our expectations and beyond) – but the rare, limited edition vinyl copies of their respective albums are the heart of the ocean for record collectors this spring.   No two new vinyl releases are more highly sought after right now than Bloom and Blunderbuss.

Blunderbuss, the stunning yet White Stripesish-sounding solo gem from Jack White has been released by Thirdman records in not just the standard black vinyl, but also in an extremely limited ‘lightning’ edition (see photo above).  Sold only during the Rolling Record Store that accompanies the Jack White solo tour, prices for these ‘lightning’ versions are currently fetching between $400-$800 on ebay.  Each ‘lightning’ version is pressed differently – no two are the same, thus increasing its value on the I.Must.Have.A.Copy scale.

Not to be outdone, the beautiful Bloom – the new Subpop release by the dream pop duo Beach House matches Mr. White’s must-have factor.  Bloom is available on vinyl in three colors.  Black is easy to find – that’s the standard color available now.  White vinyl ‘loser’ editions were only sent to the lucky group of fans that pre-ordered Bloom via Subpop and were sold out prior to the album release date.  Those are priced on ebay now at $45-$60 but the (see photo) ‘glow in the dark’ version – released only to record store fans as promo giveaways during the Bloom release date are currently priced at $405 and $499 on the auction superstore.    Wow.

Vinyl is not only alive but it’s kicking ass in the most beautiful way.   And, if anyone reading this would like to donate a copy of either uber-rare version of Bloom or Blunderbuss to the author here, I’m a great BFF and my love can be bought.


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