Big news of the Day – May 11, 2012: WTF. Andre 3000 might be the next Jimi Hendrix on film but with no Jimi songs.

Yeah, this would fall under the ‘Houston – we got a big fucking problem’ category.

Here’s what we think we know:  Andre 3000 has been pegged to portray Hendrix in the upcoming biopic about the legendary guitarist. There’s just one problem though (and it’s a big one). According to Experience Hendrix LLC, the company founded by Jimi’s father Al, no such permission to use Hendrix’s songs has been granted. That would mean we have a big budget Hendrix movie with no Hendrix music?   OK, if not, what’s next?  Jurassic Park IV without any dinosaurs – just a big ass prehistoric garden with big ass plants?   Or Chris Rock with no f-words?  Fuck that.

So…who might come to the rescue?   Well, that would be one Cee-Lo Green.   WTF you ask?  That’s correct.   Several years back, in 2007, Green purchased the rights to a chunk of Hendrix’s catalog.  Right now Cee-Lo is undoubtedly hearing ching-ching in his sleep.  With the mystery and interest surrounding Hendrix and his music sewn into rock history as tightly as the Beatles are, many eyes will be watching – but most importantly will be listening.  Can you imagine a Hendrix bi-opic with no Jimi tunes?  No thanks. While Hendrix’s life and early death are one of great interest, it’s his music that is so driven.  He’s the greatest guitarist in the history of the planet (unless you’re SPIN magazine – which didn’t place him in top 100).  I can handle Andre 3000 wearing Jimi’s clothes but only if I can Kiss The Sky at the same time.


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