Big News Of The Day – June 7, 2012: Radiohead debut new song

NME has reported the online fan recordings are available of the new Radiohead song ‘Full Stop’.   On June 5th Radiohead debuted the new track in their recent live show in Cincinnati.  According to NME:

Two rough recordings of the track, one recorded while the band soundchecked and the other recorded during the show itself but facing the floor, are available to be heard. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to listen.

Step back and ask yourself, how many bands in the world command attention to the degree that the home page headline story of the biggest and baddest web sites in the world highlight the mere live playing of a new, unreleased track?  Answer:  not.very.many.  It’s not as if Radiohead has suddenly released these for download or pressed some copies on vinyl for sale.  A simple live rendition or two and the music world takes immediate notice.  Amazing and oh so cool.  More pennies from heaven.

‘Full Stop’ by Radiohead

‘Full Stop’ by Radiohead – soundcheck version

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