Big News Of The Day – July 23, 2012: Wilco offering downloads of live performances

Christmas in July!

Anytime one of the most talented, endearing and powerful rock bands in the world begins offering up super high quality downloads of their concerts, we see Paypal in our short-term future.

For those of you who missed Wilco during their ongoing tour (and a very prolific touring band they are so you have to work hard to miss them!) here you go.   For those of you at the shows, here’s a great momento.

The official statement (and link to the downloads) from Wilco HQ is below:

On top of all those gigs, we’re launching a little experiment. We’re selling high quality downloads of select live shows in the new Roadcase section of The Wilco Store. The first two shows are available now… June 23rd from Red Rocks and July 8th from the ballpark in Geneva, IL. Both were epic. Various audio formats are available and we’ll be adding additional shows in the coming weeks.

Check it all out HERE.

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