Album Review: Yuck – Stranger Things

Published by JB
Released February 26, 2016

Yuck – Stranger Things (8/10)

It says a great deal for a band that is only three albums deep into their catalog to be described as both the old-Yuck and the new-Yuck. From borderline shoegaze to beautiful (and classic) indie rock.  But that's precisely what happens when Yuck's brief musical landscape is digested in terms of the Daniel Blumber days vs the post-Daniel Blumberg days, and the several distinctive stylistic changes taking place.  

The most obvious discovery between those two eras (a hint of sarcasm there) is that the current alignment of Yuck, led by Max Bloom and the other original members is that they produce some fantastic indie rock tracks.   Whether being labeled as 90's indie rock throwbacks or what not, some of the music they create is simply fantastic.   

On their new album Stranger Things tracks such as 'Like a Moth', 'Stranger Things', 'As I Walk Away', 'Swirling' and 'Down' are poignant, melodic, often beautiful rock songs.  These are far more than simple 90's throwbacks.  Labeling them as such is not giving them their fair due.   They tease the era of old-Yuck with the occasional waterfall of guitar sounds, yet they still remain true to the new, more accessible tracks that rely on both pretty melodies and sing-along choruses.  

This album is no giant leap from its predecessor Glow and Behold, and quite honestly, that's the best of news.  The two albums almost work together as a double album.  Stranger Things, at the very least, is a logical followup to the indie rock bliss they found throughout Glow and Behold.  

Yuck continues to be an air-tight band on a pleasant rise, not yet receiving proper due for their willingness to try a few things that others have done before – and make them sound as good, or at times, even better.    


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