Album Review: Tweedy – Sukierae

Published November 19, 2014 by JB

Release date:  September 23, 2014


As indie rock evolves from one trend to the next, it remains largely in love with bands that find a way to do it their way, and do it by themselves.   No band has come more full circle than Jeff Tweedy’s Wilco.  After doing a frustrating dance with major labels for a large chunk (15 years) of their career they’ve been doing it themselves on their own homegrown label (dBpm Records) since 2011.   They’ve made it look easy with bold decisions and wonderful music.  Smart men do good things.  In 2014 what originally started as Jeff Tweedy’s solo album, evolved into a family effort double-album over 20 tracks, featuring Tweedy’s son Spencer on drums.   Sukierae’s 20 tracks, with the familiar lead vocals by the elder Tweedy still sounds like a new Wilco record; and a great one at that.  Track such as “I’ll Sing It” and “Low Key” sound like classic Wilco rockers and even similar to the stellar 2014 effort from Ryan Adams.   Sukierae embraces the love many of us have for the classic double album.  It’s not just 20 random tracks strewn over 4 sides of vinyl – it’s two vastly different albums that are tied together by Tweedy’s increasingly Lennon-esque vocal stylings.   The Jeff Tweedy sound still makes this sound like a Wilco record, and so be it.  You literally need to read a Jeff Tweedy interview to understand the creative process in how Sukierae differentiates itself from the normal Wilco catalog.   Given that hair-splitting, Tweedy continues to etch his face firmly into the Mount Rushmore of indie rock.   The man is an amazing energy force in music with a catalog that only bands like Radiohead barely rise above.   Sukierae keeps that chisel firmly in his hand.


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