Album Review: The Divine Fits – A Thing Called Divine Fits

Published: August 23, 2012

The Divine Fits – A Thing Called Divine Fits

Score:  8/10

Release date: August 28, 2012

I’m a rather vicious fan of Spoon.  On the short list of groups that I’ve never seen and would trade a stepsister or two for tickets, Spoon ranks as high as….well, let’s go with My Bloody Valentine for the epitome of my live music bucket list.   So as I await Spoon’s next inevitable way-too-far-for-me-to-drive-to tour, the Divine Fits becomes the next best thing.   You know the familiar supergroup methodology in play here by now.   This Magic Bullet has 3 things thrown inside:  1 part Spoon (Britt Daniel), 1 part Wolf Parade (Dan Boeckner) and 1 part New Bomb Turks (Sam Brown).   Now, I’m no New Bomb Turks aficionado but I’ve seen Wolf Parade live, and well – my Spoon feelings are etched in granite.   No new album in the 2nd half of 2012 (minus Cat Power) has me sitting in my seat, rubbing my palms together like this.

I actually have a difficult time placing a finger on the music from groups like the Divine Fits.  For me, it’s the music that people who used to think the Black Keys were cool would listen to, but perhaps that’s far too short-sighted.  And I still listen to the Black Keys.  But to me, it’s just the best of hipster indie.  It’s like a broken down version of Broken Social Scene with the cool factor at a peak.  The best bands that your FM top 40 friends would never relate to or understand.   Eleven tracks of indie alt-punk groovy rock bliss that is blessed with Daniel’s lead vocals.   As hip a record as there is in 2012 from start to finish and an album that is just made to be played on vinyl with a few extra cracks and pops.  The opening leaked out track (‘My Love is Real’) is a mere piece of parsley before digging into the full album.  Tracks like ‘Flaggin a Ride’ and ‘Would That Not Be Nice’, complete with loopy bass lines and hooks filling the corners of your room (and mind) make this the most exhilarating new band of 2012 – even if it does sort of sound a lot like a new Spoon record (which is a good thing, but that’s to be expected with Daniels doing vocals).   The new, current standard for supergroups has been set.

Thank you NPR for putting this out there a couple weeks ahead.   Let’s hope Emily White actually pays for these songs.



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