Album Review: Streets of Laredo – Wild

Published by JB on October 21, 2016

Release date:  October 21, 2016


Breezy (and sometimes jangly) pop bliss from the Brooklyn quintet

The arresting cover art (perfectly simple yet visually compelling) sets the hand-holding, arms-swaying backdrop for Streets of Laredo’s sophomore release Wild.   The New Zealand (now Brooklyn-based) band makes adorable pop songs – not in the whimsical vein of groups like Oh Wonder, but something fuller, much more complete.  Multiple listens to the sublime “Laying Low” showcases this album’s beautiful centerpiece.  Lush melodies nod their way through the track and permeate throughout the charming album, culminating in the huggable ending of ‘Gold’ – the albums excellent, simple finale.  The album still manages to bounce between lo-fi single-takes (‘Remedies’) to more complex arrangements like the catchy ‘99.9%’ and the beautiful ‘Doesn’t Even Bother Me’.  Imagine them briefly as an east-coast image of Foxygen and you capture the feel for the eclectic style that Streets of Laredo flourishes in.




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